Say Hi To Chloe

I could go for a pet right about now…

Say hello to Ms. Chloe!  She’s a 7-year-old dilute tortie/calico, and she’s looking for a new home.  She’s a bit on the reserved side, and we think she was probably a librarian in a former life.

Mmm…I have this human trained well!

She’s a shy little thing who thrives in a calm, quiet environment. When her owners brought home a crying baby, Chloe disagreed with the term “bundle of joy” and she began losing patches of fur. So now she’s looking for a low-stress home to relax in.

Look into my eyes…you *will* adopt me!

Chloe needs a few minutes to get to know you, but offer her a treat or a pet, and she’ll warm right up, rub up against you, and start purring away.  She’s incredibly sweet and loves the company of humans! Words can’t describe how much of devoted friend this gorgeous green eyed sweetheart will make.  Adopt Chloe (A087865)!