My name is Sparkle.  I am a black and white spayed female, and I’m about 9 months old.  I am a very sweet and loving cat who purrs every time my foster mom picks me up.  I also give kisses and will gently touch your face with my paw (no claws out).  I have limited vision due to medical issues I had when I was brought to the shelter. My limited eyesight does not slow me down or keep me from loving to play with my toys.  I have my favorites, of course:  my ball tower, my reindeer on a wand (a Christmas gift from my foster mom), and various other toys.

Oh, I do need to tell you that due to my impaired vision, I am at significant risk if allowed to go outdoors.  So, I need to be a strictly INDOORS ONLY cat.  Also, because of my impaired vision, loud noises and fast, unexpected motions startle me.  So, my foster mom doesn’t think I would do well in an overactive, busy environment or with children under the age of 8.  However, she does think I would like another young cat as a playmate.  I have only met one dog and he seemed all right.  But, again, my foster mom doesn’t think I would do well with an overly active dog.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for a special needs cat and would like to meet me, please contact my foster mom, Bonnie, at 818-240-5929 (landline) or by email at