Meet Sweetums, the 10 month old, petite, white and brown tabby kitty. Sweetums came to us in March as a very young pregnant cat. She’s spent the past few months raising her own litter of four. Now that the kittens are grown up and adopted, she’s been having a blast just being a kitten herself again!

Sweetums loves to be pet. She will twine around your legs and tell you all the day’s cat news while she asks for head and tail scratches. She can also hold her own in a conversation. She will follow you from room to room rubbing against you and insisting that you give her all the petting she deserves–and she deserves a lot! Sweetums loves to meow, but she is never loud and mostly seems to be giving regular reports about the goings-on in her life.

Because she lived on the street for most of her life before she came to us, she is a bit shy around strangers and loud noises. For a while, she will probably be startled when you go from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. It’s like you’ve become an entirely different person! But after a few weeks she will realize nothing horrible is going to happen to her just because you suddenly became tall. Sweetums is also really good with kids because they don’t change height as much! She would do very well with children who understand cats that like a calmer environment. She is okay with being picked up every now and then, but doesn’t like to be grabbed, so polite younger children, or understanding older children would be best for her.

She tolerates dogs but isn’t particularly a fan because dogs are often loud and are too unpredictable for her. When dogs are around, she likes to have her own space that she can retreat to when it gets too much like a dog-free room or a high cat tree. She does, however, love other cats. She gets used to new cats very quickly and likes to play with them and sleep near them. She would do great in a home with other cats.

If you’re looking for a great friend, a conversation partner, and a lovebug to follow you around your house, Sweetums is the gal for you! You can meet Sweetums by emailing her foster mom Dana at burbank.monster.kitties@gmail.com.