Are you ready for this jelly? Meet Tasia!

You can’t help but notice that 8 year-old Tasia is…well…kinda big. But this laid-back Mastiff mix is really just an oversized lap dog who relishes belly rubs! A shelter favorite, she’s very sweet and loves people – especially when they give her attention. Seriously. She loves attention.

Although she’s very strong, she’s easy to walk because she likes her leisurely sniffing expeditions. She’s loving and mild-mannered and she barely drools when she’s at her calmest. Oh yeah…did we mention Tasia drools?

She’s very bright and trained to sit and stay. She also knows the “down” command from a sitting position.She doesn’t seem to show interest in the pool or any toys, but she loves to play “fetch” with treats. She’s a gal who likes to keep it simple!

As far as potential doggie friends go, a meet-and-greet is definitely a must.We can’t say enough good things about this affectionate sweetheart! Adopt Tasia (A081290)

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