Tiger and Sharkie: The DNA Tests Are In!

“Just took a DNA test, found out, they’re 100% that good dog, even when they’re barking crazy.” – Lizzo

There’s a mystery afoot at Burbank Animal Shelter. How have Tiger and Sharkie, our fun-loving brothers, been up for adoption for two whole years?! Those of us who know these pups know how wonderful they are, from the way they sleep curled up together, to the way they romp through the yard, teaming up to take down every dastardly stuffed animal they can find. They’re playful, they’re gorgeous, and yet they’ve been with us for two years. Any other dogs might’ve lost their spirits, but not Tiger and Sharkie – together, they find the joy in every day.

Halloween is coming!  We’re all set!

So why haven’t they been adopted? It really is a mystery. But we had a clue.  Sometimes people either base their idea of how a dog will behave just on the type of dog they think it looks like, or they don’t want to adopt a dog whose breed they don’t know. This can make it tougher for shelter dogs to get adopted.

I ain’t afraid of no Halloween spider…

In an effort to help Tiger and Sharkie find a forever home, we decided to solve a different mystery: the question of what the heck kind of breed Tiger and Sharkie really are. They’ve got silly underbites, big, soulful eyes, perfect dopey ears. One is tall, one is short, one is brindle – they could be anything! We sent in samples to WISDOM PANEL, a company that analyzes canine DNA to make an educated guess about the dog’s true breed. Wanting to share our anticipation with the community, we opened up to the public, asking people to submit their best guesses for what the results would be. The guesses ranged from Great Dane to Border Collie, French Bulldog to actual tiger! But when the results came in, we were all in for a surprise.

Chihuahuas?!?!  Hahah!  We knew it all along!

The top breeds for Tiger and Sharkie were American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, American Bulldog… and CHIHUAHUA?!

Ok, back to costume choices…how about this one?

It just goes to show you that judging a dog’s breed from how it looks can be a challenge! We were thrilled to have a better understanding of Tiger and Sharkie’s lineage, which will make them available to more homes than ever before. Besides that, knowing their breed gives us insight into these fabulous dogs. Tiger’s Staffy (Staffordshire Terrier) blood accounts for his cute, stocky frame – and the brothers’ resiliency. And could it be their Chihuahua heritage that makes them so chatty inside their kennel?

I’m not stocky…I’m *svelte*!  I tell ya, it’s the camera…

In the end though, knowing a dog’s breed is only half the story. If you want to know who Tiger and Sharkie are, you should meet them in person and get to know their true personalities. Only by running around with them in the yard will you see how much fun they have playing tug-of-war together; how silly they can get when they each want to play with the toy the other one is playing with; how much they love belly rubs; how funny it is when Sharkie sits in your lap, not realizing how big he is; or how clever Tiger is when he sneaks a toy under the bench where his taller brother can’t reach it.

Adopt us.  We’ll bring you lots of happiness…and flowers!

Tiger and Sharkie have been at the Shelter for two years – and that’s too long. They deserve their own yard to play in, their own family to laugh with, they deserve parents who are looking for two goofy children to take on adventures. If that’s you, then look no further than these two deserving, purebred Chiboxfords. Staffuauas? Chiffordshires? Boxhuaffys? We’ll leave it up to you!