Zoey & Ella (Bonded Sisters)

Blue Russian mix! Look at this pair of beautiful girls with their soft, silky, silver grey fur! Look a little closer and see the subtle rings on their little bobtails!

Zoey & Ella are sisters who are bonded and make a great pair. They came to the shelter at 12 weeks of age and were a little shy. They’ve come a long way. Zoey loves to rub against your legs while you brush your teeth. Then her curiosity brings her onto the counter to investigate the wonders of the faucet.  Zoey is the alpha and takes care of Ella, who is still a little uncertain around sudden movements. They would do best in a quieter home, with people who will respect their alone time, but who will also put in the effort to gain their trust. They love to play with fluffy or feather toys! Once a bond is formed, you will have purring, snuggly, TV watching buddies!

If you would like to meet Zoey and Ella, please call or text Sally at 818-261-1681.