Amy is super sweet, loving and very high energy. While in foster care, Amy was amazing with her foster family and was wonderful with their small children. She will require an active lifestyle with someone who knows the breed and appreciates the care that is needed to help her thrive. An owner who is active as she is, and is restless when home for too long, would be ideal. She can not live in an apartment or similar situation (she was returned from an apartment) as she has some separation anxiety and is very active. She will need a yard to go out and play in when she is not indoors and owners who are home with her more often than not. She is still a puppy at heart so she’ll need a patient owner to teach her basic leash and house training. Amy has met other dogs here at the shelter, but she is very unconfident when it comes to socializing with other dogs and is dog selective (gets along great with some but not well with others). We feel she would do best as the only animal in the household.

Amy is an *incredibly* sweet dog who is overall one big puppy. With some patience and proper training she will be a wonderful addition to your family.  To adopt Amy, click on her profile at https://24Petconnect.com/DetailsMain/BURB/A097360 to complete an application and schedule an appointment.