Caramel came to the shelter as a very young mom with her litter of kittens. She has been a very attentive mama and has 6 healthy kittens looking for their homes. Caramel is particularly attached to her son Oliver, and he is her little shadow. They play together, eat together, and groom together. The two are quite bonded and we’d love for them to be adopted together.

Caramel and Oliver always knows where the other one is. Caramel is friendly, playful, and, like many moms, treasures her “me time.” She’s just over a year old, so she still has lots of kitten energy. She loves being petted and has the highest elevator butt in town! Oliver is a real sweetie: He’s good about cleaning up leftovers at mealtime, will have a grooming session, followed by wrestling with Mom, and then he finds the perfect spot for nap…usually near mom!

These two would love to spend the rest of their days together and make an adorable pair. They’re both super friendly, mellow, and would LOVE to be your new best friends. Kittens are happiest when they have a sibling or friend to play with in their new home. But to be able to adopt a kitten with his momma, that’s something really special!

For more details and to meet Caramel and Oliver, contact their foster mom Sally at js2chew@sbcglobal.net