July Adoptions!

We had more GREAT adoptions last month!

Super senior Olive was matched with a wonderful veteran looking for a companion pet he could show off from his scooter’s basket. During his adoption screening Shelter staff helped Olive into the basket and he rode around the play yard to make sure he’d do well. HE DID GREAT!! We’re very excited for them both!

Smitty and Tux (Say Hi to Smitty and Tux) went to their forever home too!  They’re doing great and we’re not sure who is happier: Tux and Smitty or their new mom!  “I am the luckiest pet mom in the world.” she reports.

Smitty claiming the catnip carpet.

“I lost my 16 year old in May, and decided I wanted to give a forever home to a new fur baby.  Actually two fur babies so they could play or entertain each other when I was not home.”

Tux in his favorite nap spot.

“I wanted older (they are about 9) and a bonded pair, and I am so happy to have them. They are loving and very good boys.  Mom is very happy!”

Last week Libby (Libby seeks Hiking Partner) helped the Shelter deliver a presentation to an excited group of students about the differences between wild and domestic animals and proved to do great with large crowds.

This past weekend she was finally adopted and her new family reports she’s doing great with their own crowds! She has already fit right in with the rest of the family too! We’re so happy her easy disposition shined through and her adopters saw what we have for so long. Happy adoption Libby!

Smiles all around!

We’d like to say Pumpkin was all smiles after finding her forever home but this sweet girl was smiling since day one at the shelter! Talk about having a positive outlook. We bet she knew her forever family was just around the corner…HAPPY ADOPTION!!

Remember Susie?  (Meet Susie-again!) She went to her forever home too!

Mmm…right there.  *Purrr*

She’s been doing great and was happy and relaxed from day one, Susie’s mom reports.  She’s very happy to have her new big bed to sleep on (So big her mom can share it with her!  Thank you for being generous, Susie.) and happily soaks up all the pets and attention she has been receiving.  Way to go Susie!

Super senior Shih Tzu Dominic (pictured right) was adopted this week into the most perfect Shih Tzu loving home! This little guy came in feeling pretty down. He had several infected molars, skin allergies and a serious dry eye condition. After just two months the Shelter’s medical team and an outside ophthalmologist veterinarian got him back to top shape and ready for adoption. We’re so excited for this little guy and his new family.

We hope you enjoyed these happy adoption stories because we love telling them!!   There are lots more wonderful cats and dogs at the shelter still looking for their forever homes.  Please come meet them and make more happy stories like these happen!