Adoption fees vary based on number of vaccinations received. Fees start at the below amounts:

Dog Adoption: $132

Cat Adoption: $89

Rabbit Adoption: $31

All animals adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter will have been provided with a medical exam and vaccinations upon intake to the shelter and will be spayed or neutered before going home with their new family.

We strongly recommend that adopters make an appointment with their personal veterinarian for a routine exam of their new pet within three days of adoption.

All veterinary treatment after adoption is the sole responsibility of the adopter.

Microchip Fees

  • Microchips are now included with every adoption
    PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18 or over to adopt an animal from the shelter.

License Fees for Burbank Residents

  • Unaltered Dogs: $110
  • Altered Dogs: $22

A rabies certificate is required for all dogs.

  • Cats (Unaltered and Altered): $5
  • Horses: $22
  • Wild Animal Permit: $22

PLEASE NOTE: Licenses must be renewed annually. There is a 100% penalty for late renewal.