Blossom gets her leg fixed!

Say hello to our little girl Blossom! This 6 month old terrier mix arrived at the shelter recently with a broken femur. She was putting on a brave face, but her leg needed to be fixed *stat*.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors we were able to rush Blossom to Access Specialty Animal Hospital for surgery to repair her leg. A pin was inserted and the surgery went well. She came back from the hospital and was placed in a foster home to recover.

How long do I have to wear this thing?

She wasn’t thrilled about wearing a cone for the first week, but she made the best of it and gradually got to know the other dogs in her foster home.

This is *much* better.

The next week her staples came out, the cone came off, and oh boy was Blossom happy about that! She started spending more time with the other dogs (she thinks she’s a big dog now), had full run of the house, and settled right in.  It turns out Blossom is a very smart cookie. She’s already housetrained and her favorite thing in the morning and evening is watching her foster dad cook breakfast and dinner. (Mmm, food!) She’s like a little shadow and loves following her foster parents around the house and backyard. She also likes to cuddle and give puppy kisses!

I’m a big fan of sweaters!

Blossom will be in foster for a few weeks until she’s all better. We’ll have an update next month!

The VBAS would like to thank Access Specialty Animal Hospital for helping us out again, and also say a big thank you to our donors who made this surgery possible. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you for your support!!!