Oona is a Labrador/Pit mix who has everything you’d want in a furry friend. She’s very loving and thrives on being with her human companions. She’s obedient, house-trained, and a lovely pup to have in the house! She *loves* being with people and loves belly rubs.

This sweet 5-year-old is also extremely social. She likes dogs and kids 8 years-old and up, preferably with some dog experience. We’re not sure how she is with cats as she has never lived with them.

Oona has allergies, and through a series of blood panels her former owners pinpointed the cause. She’s on a specific allergy medication for life, which is as easy as taking a daily vitamin!

She’s an absolute delight with an irresistible charm! We think you’ll agree. Adopt Oona (A053179).


While toughing it out on the streets as strays, Bruce and Gidget joined an infamous kitten gang when they were mere tots. As part of their initiation, they found a loving foster home to live in. The goal was to gain the owner’s trust, steal their catnip, then make a clean getaway.


But while planning their heist, Bruce and Gidget were socialized with children and other cats. Over a short time this bonded pair settled right in and grew to trust everyone. The two “went domestic”, turned into affectionate purr machines, and became fine, upstanding kittizens!


Now they’re 6 months old and have moved on to the shelter for adoption! They do not show very well in their cat condo, but they’re guaranteed to be loving pets once they get to their forever home!


This sweet bonded pair is ready for a brand-new life. Adopt Bruce (A081827) and Gidget (A081141)!


Crockett and Avery are a bonded pair in search of a loving owner. They’re between 7 and 10 years old and are looking for a nice home to spend their golden years in.

Crockett is an intriguing mix of Shepherd, Sharpei, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. He loves to be petted and enjoys endless belly rubs. He’s very loving once he trusts you (the belly rubs should help). He’s the protective type, so you’re guaranteed to have a guardian angel by your side!

Avery is a beautiful Lab mix. She’s also very affectionate and loves everyone who gives her attention. She’s very sweet and she has an endearing head tilt. The cause is unknown, but it’s definitely permanent. Our veterinarian didn’t see any signs of infection and suggested she could’ve had a small stroke at some point. This cutie is resilient, so it doesn’t affect her quality of life.

As much as they like humans, kids in the household should be 8 years old and up. We’re unsure if they get along with other dogs.

They’re an absolute delight and they’ll bring their lucky owner much happiness! Please adopt Crockett (A082753) and Avery (A082752).


A face only a mother could love…but a dog anyone could love! Seven-year-old Tasia is a Mastiff mix who was found in the park and no one claimed her. It’s a shame because she’s very sweet and absolutely loves people! Tasia is very strong, so she’ll need leash training and an experienced owner. She may be okay with males dogs, but she hasn’t done well with females. So a meet-and-greet is a must. You’re gonna love coming home to this loveable lug-ette! Adopt Tasia, A081290.


Have you ever seen a smile like this? Brownie is one happy dog. And when you meet him, you’ll be grinning ear to ear too!  He’s a very sweet Lab/Sharpei mix, and probably the most spry 10-year old dog you’ll ever meet! He loves people andloves to cuddle. He might do well with other animals and kids, however a meet-and-greet is a must.

Don’t let his age deter you. Brownie is a fun and fabulous dog!  Adopt Brownie (A081340).


If you need a love bug in your life, Janie might just be your gal! Janie is an adorable brown and white American Staffordshire terrier. At just two years old,  she has the best years of her life ahead of her and is looking for her forever home! She can be slow to warm up, but once she does, you’ll never find a better friend. Come check out Janie, A080774!


Bison is an 8-year-old mastiff-mix who has it all!  He’s super-smart, fully trained, and knows multiple commands.   This lovable lug is great with people of all ages, but he’d be best in a family with kids 13 and up.  He loves kids, but he doesn’t know his own strength or size when he gets excited, so he may knock them over.  (And watch out for his tail!) Bison is a very social dog with people, but must be the only pet in the family.  If you’re looking for a loving and happy companion, come adopt Bison, A079397.




Pacman and Nala are a dynamic duo that should not be overlooked! At just three years old, these cuties are full of energy, love, and are ready for their forever home. They love each other and they’re looking to expand their pack, so get to know them and you’ve got life-long pals! They’re full of energy and love exercise, so a home with a yard and an active family would be perfect. Both Pacman and Nala are housetrained and are great with older kids who are experienced with dogs. If you’ve got room in your heart for two goofballs, come check out Pacman (A081343) and Nala (A081345)!


FEATURED PETS: Tiger and Sharkie

Tiger and Sharkie have had too many nights out on the town.  These two bachelors are bonded buddies looking to settle down with that special someone who can give them all the love and training they need.  They’re very sweet boys, but no kids or cats, please. They’re also very energetic, so they’ll need daily exercise. If you’re looking for fun and excitement, adopt Tiger, A059458, and Sharkie, A059459!


Get your tail up and get moving with Mia!  She’s a red and white Pit Bull Terrier girl, full of energy, waiting to find her high-octane human partner!  Mia is very pretty and the perfect size for all sorts of fun outdoor activities, like hiking, running, camping… the list goes ON!  Her amber eyes and adorable white chest patch will keep you motivated, when there are miles to go!  So, if you’ve got what it takes, and are ready to love a sweet, furry pup, then mix it up with Mia, A076891!