Are you looking for a pair of beautiful bonded huskies?  Well look no further!  Meet Bonnie (A088137)  and Clyde (A088136) .  They have been in a foster home for the past 4 months and the foster family has done a great job training and socializing them.  We learned that they are both very sweet and loving dogs.  They both love attention and are eager to please.  Bonnie is a little on the shy side so it may take her a little longer to warm up to a stranger.  They both love other dogs and love to play.  They enjoy riding in the car, going on long walks and are good on a leash.

They’re Huskies, so they’ll need *lots* of exercise, a secure yard and an experienced dog owner.  But if you fit the bill you won’t find two dogs more loving, affectionate, smart and wonderful!   Click on their photos at  http://thevbas.org/adopt-dogs to learn more!


Milo is 4-6 years old big boy with a big heart and he’s looking for a family to love!  He’s a really sweet, mellow boy. In fact, he can be quite timid, politely presenting his bum to request some well-deserved scratches.

Milo is doing *great* in his foster home!  He’s happiest when he’s immersed in belly rubs and biscuits. He’s very affectionate and loves chilling with his humans!  He loves to go for walks and hikes and would make a great hiking partner!  Follow him on instagram at @milo_thee_doggo  or go to https://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=BURB.A089780 to set up an appointment to meet him!

Help a wonderful dog start a new chapter in his life. Adopt Milo (A089780)!


Say hello to Kate the great!


Kate is a super sweet and mellow 5 year old who loves belly rubs, back massages and cuddling in general.  She also has a really cute habit of grunting when you give her pets and affection! She’s a quiet girl who could live in an apartment or condo as long as she gets regular walks.


Kate is ok with kids and good on a leash.  She requires a special food due to a food allergy, but that’s a small price to pay for a dog this sweet!  This loyal girl loves people and just wants to be by your side. Come meet Kate (A089725) and see what a wonderful companion she is!


Park is a very sweet, spry 11-year-old Terrier mix who has lived a hard life in the past few years. We’d love to see him adopted by someone willing to spoil him!

He’s low-maintenance and quite low-key. He’s good on-leash and easy to walk, and he excited when he sees the yard! He likes to go hiking and loves to smell and dig up the dirt and grass as he goes.  He also enjoys playing with and fetching balls.

Life at home? He must be the only pet, and kids in the household should be older ones. He loves to stay to stay close to you. And he loves back rubs, as evidenced by his wagging tail!

Park is a wonderful dog to have around. He’s not too “this”, and not too “that”. He’s juuust right! Adopt Park (A086510)!