Oona is a Labrador/Pit mix who has everything you’d want in a furry friend. She’s very loving and thrives on being with her human companions. She’s obedient, house-trained, and a lovely pup to have in the house! She *loves* being with people and loves belly rubs.

This sweet 5-year-old is also extremely social. She likes dogs and kids 8 years-old and up, preferably with some dog experience. We’re not sure how she is with cats as she has never lived with them.

Oona has allergies, and through a series of blood panels her former owners pinpointed the cause. She’s on a specific allergy medication for life, which is as easy as taking a daily vitamin!

She’s an absolute delight with an irresistible charm! We think you’ll agree. Adopt Oona (A053179).


Save your money on dog toys and kiddie pools because Dallas is one Labrador Retriever/Pit Terrier mix that doesn’t really go after toys or water. And that’s okay. She would rather hang by your side or even walk right next to you without being told. She’s that smart! She’s super sweet, cuddles and loves attention. She can also sit and is learning to stay. Perfect!

One volunteer described Dallas as “a mild-mannered angel,” however she doesn’t care for smaller animals (cats, rodents, birds), because she gets the urge to chase them, showing her “retriever side” we guess. You can stop her pretty easily, but it’s probably best if she’s in a house without those temptations. She may do well with other dogs however.

Come see this lovely 5-year-old lady and see if she’s a match for you!


According to the American Kennel Club, American Staffordshire Terriers are smart, confident, and good-natured companions – and Janie fits that bill! Her beautiful brown and white brindle coat make her stand out from the crowd, and her personality makes her memorable.

She may take a bit to warm up when you first meet her, but once she does, she’s your best friend for life. And she can do many of the things you like to do with your best friend. . . like running with you or hitting the pool for some water fun. And don’t forget about her “fetching” skills. . .she likes that game too.

Janie is about 3 years old, so she’ll be by your side through life’s adventures for many years.

Check Janie (A080774) out and fall in love today!


Crockett and Avery are a bonded pair in search of a loving owner. They’re 7  years old and are looking for a nice home to spend their golden years in.

Crockett is an intriguing mix of Shepherd, Sharpei, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. He loves to be petted and enjoys endless belly rubs. He’s very loving once he trusts you (the belly rubs should help). He’s the protective type, so you’re guaranteed to have a guardian angel by your side!

Avery is a beautiful Lab mix. She’s also very affectionate and loves everyone who gives her attention. She’s very sweet and she has an endearing head tilt. The cause is unknown, but it’s definitely permanent. Our veterinarian didn’t see any signs of infection and suggested she could’ve had a small stroke at some point. This cutie is resilient, so it doesn’t affect her quality of life.

As much as they like humans, kids in the household should be 8 years old and up. We’re unsure if they get along with other dogs.

They’re an absolute delight and they’ll bring their lucky owner much happiness! Please adopt Crockett (A082753) and Avery (A082752).


Seven-year-old Tasia is a Mastiff mix who was found in the park and no one claimed her. It’s a shame because she’s very sweet and absolutely loves people! Tasia is very strong, so she’ll need leash training and an experienced owner. She may be okay with males dogs, but she hasn’t done well with females. So a meet-and-greet is a must. You’re gonna love coming home to this loveable lug-ette! Adopt Tasia, A081290.


Pacman and Nala are a dynamic duo that should not be overlooked! At just three years old, these cuties are full of energy, love, and are ready for their forever home. They love each other and they’re looking to expand their pack, so get to know them and you’ve got life-long pals! They’re full of energy and love exercise, so a home with a yard and an active family would be perfect. Both Pacman and Nala are housetrained and are great with older kids who are experienced with dogs. If you’ve got room in your heart for two goofballs, come check out Pacman (A081343) and Nala (A081345)!


FEATURED PETS: Tiger and Sharkie

Batman and Robin move over! Tiger and Sharkie are the real Dynamic Duo!


They’re bonded 5-year-old Pit Bull/Terrier mixes and a pair of sweet, affectionate goofballs. They absolutely love to play and they have a lot of energy. So when they’re not chasing toys or apprehending biscuits, they need to have daily exercise. They make good walking partners and love being with people! Tiger is the more extraverted of the two. Sharkie is a bit shy, but warms up quickly.


Their latest caper involves searching for a forever-home where they can get all the love and training they need. They might be fine with other dogs, however a meet and-greet is a must. An adult-only environment is preferred, but they’re great with respectful kids. Tiger and Sharkie do not like cats. What is it about superheros and cats…?


They’re fun-loving, entertaining companions who will put a smile on your face all day long. Adopt Tiger, A059458, and Sharkie, A059459!