FEATURED PETS: Tiger and Sharkie

Cancel your Netflix subscription! Tiger and Sharkie are all the entertainment you’ll need!

Looking for a love story?

Bonded for life, these 6-year-old Terrier/Boxer/and a little bit of Chihuahua mixes are devoted to each other. Tiger is the more extroverted of the two. Sharkie is a bit shy, but he warms up quickly. They’re affectionate lap dogs and they love being with people.

How about an action movie?

They’re a couple of sweet knuckleheads who love to play! Their favorite game is “competitive fetching”, where they race each other to retrieve a toy – preferably a soft, squeaky doll. The resulting tug-of-war battle usually ends with Tiger claiming his prize and sneaking away to chew on it. Consequently, Sharkie will return to your side for consolation petting and treats (we suspect he loses on purpose). Tiger and Sharkie have a lot of energy and need daily exercise, so they make great walking partners.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, we know you’re gonna give this delightful duo two thumbs up! Adopt Tiger, A059458, and Sharkie, A059459!


Park is a very sweet, spry 11-year-old Pit Bull who has lived a hard life in the past few years. We’d love to see him adopted by someone willing to spoil him!

He’s low-maintenance and quite low-key. He’s good on-leash and easy to walk, but gets excited when he sees the yard! He likes to go hiking and loves to smell and dig up the dirt and grass as he goes.  He also enjoys playing with and fetching balls.

Life at home? He will need a bit of training, but doesn’t everyone?  He must be the only pet, and any kids in the household should be older ones. He’s not exactly a lap dog, but he likes to stay close to you. And he loves back rubs, as evidenced by his wagging tail!

Park is a wonderful dog to have around. He’s not too “this”, and not too “that”. He’s juuust right! Adopt Park (A086510)!


Cleo is a 5-year-old red and black German Shepherd with a beautiful coat and a sweet personality!

She’s quite independent, but she loves affection in the form of back massages. She’s always curious as to what everyone else is doing. She loves to sniff around and she’s always aware of her surroundings. Cleo likes spending time chewing on tennis balls, though she’s no stranger to a game of fetch. She’ll make a good running, walking, or hiking partner.

She’s well-mannered and a good listener, but she’s a better talker! So for that reason, apartments and condos are not good environments.  She’s very laid-back when she’s not chattering away with enthusiasm!

She’ll need a little time to acclimate to a new home, so she is looking for an experienced owner.

She interacts well with adult visitors and she’ll do well with kids 12 years and older. She’s not a fan of cats, and we’re not sure how she is with other dogs, so a meet-and-greet is a must.

She’s a simple, fun-loving companion who is lovely inside and out! Adopt Cleo (A085324)!


Looking for a Rudolph to your Santa? A Max to your Grinch? A Karen to your Frosty? Have we got a sidekick for you!! Oona is an exceptionally loyal and obedient American Staffordshire Terrier/American Bull Dog cross. This sweet 6-year-old loves people and longs to be by their side!


When she took a vacation from the shelter, her host observed that she was a quiet couch potato at home – not the hyperactive bundle of energy we see at the shelter. She’s very affectionate and enjoys cuddling and getting belly rubs!


Although she’s mild-mannered, she’s highly sociable and energetic. She requires daily walks and loves fetching, running, and playing. Oona is a very smart girl. She’s already house-broken and has had some basic training. She can live in a house or an apartment, and she’s easy to travel with in the car!


She gets along best with kids 10 years and older, preferably with some dog experience. She’s good with other dogs, but she’ll have to meet potential roommates first. As friendly as she is, she doesn’t get along with cats.


Oona is an absolute delight and you can always count on her to be your faithful companion! Adopt Oona (A053179)!