Ever have a friend that’s nothing like you but you just “click”? That’s Tucker and Andy.  Tucker (A087955) is a 4-year-old male cat who’s very sweet but a little shy. He’s His furry one eyed brother from a different mother is Andy (A087954), an 8-year-old Chihuahua mix.

Tucker loves to have his chin and the back of his neck rubbed, and will purr up a storm for you.  This mellow and low key fellow is looking forward to sleeping many an afternoon away on your couch.  Andy is a super friendly guy who loves to go on walks and loves people. Oh, and he *especially* loves sitting on laps.

This odd couple is looking for a quiet home to enjoy life together. Can’t decide between a cat or a dog?  Pick both! Come down to the Burbank Animal Shelter and meet Tucker and Andy today!


We have to warn you…Cupcake and Moo Moo are a couple of “woofs” in cats’ clothing.
These 1½ year-old bonded brothers are highly social and love humans. That’s right…LOVE!
They also love giving and getting affection! And it doesn’t have to be on THEIR terms! Both are super-friendly and relish attention – Cupcake, moreso, as he likes to cut in line and get petted first.
They absolutely love each other and always sleep curled up together. They’re used to being around kids and good with other cats.
They’re undeniably awesome cats and will make their adopters very, very happy!
Looking for a couple of dogs? We have the perfect cats! Adopt Cupcake (A087968) and Moo Moo (A087969)!


SusieQ is a smooth-coated Chihuahua and a lovely girl inside and out. At 13 years old, she can be a bit vocal with new experiences, but she adapts well once she feels comfortable. She should go to an adult-only home and would be perfect for a senior.

With her crazy puppy days behind her, she now enjoys the simple things in life:  a blanket to hide under, a place to sleep (a lot), and a loving companion to offer comfort and security.

Adopt sweet SusieQ (A087681)!


And the Miss Congeniality award goes to…

Oona, the Labrador/Pit mix!

Oona is 6 years-old and the stand-out among  her comPETitors. She’s friendly, smart, obedient, and fully house-trained. Her favorite hobbies are fetching, running, and playing. She loves belly rubs and requires daily walks.

Here’s what the other contestants have to say about her…


“This mild-mannered girl is a great friend! She loves to be by your side. Oona is a joy to have around and she has a lot of love to give!

Small children:

“Oona has a lot of energy! Because she’s so spirited, she’s a little too much for us, but it doesn’t make her any less lovable! She’s great with kids who are 10 years-old and up, preferably with some dog experience.”


“We’d rather not comment.” (Some contestants can be so catty!)

Even the judges agree! If you’re looking for a loving and loyal pet, Oona takes the crown! Adopt Oona, A053179.


How would you like to hang out with the coolest cat in town? Darla is a quiet, chocolate and white Siamese mix. She is very calm and naturally reserved. Some people might say she is shy, but they just haven’t gotten to know her yet!

Darla is in our Cat Socialization program which is for cats that come to the shelter and are scared or need some time to get used to people before they are ready for their forever homes. Darla has come such a long way since she first entered the program! She still likes to sit in small spaces and doesn’t like loud noises, but she will happily sit on her perch and observe what’s going on around her.

Darla is a very cool cat and once she gets to know you, she will come up to you and have a chat with you when you get home. She likes to be near people and enjoys company, but it takes her a while to get to the “lap-sitting” stage. Darla just needs a little time and some patience before she fully comes out of her shell. She gets along with other cats but, just like any introvert, she likes to have her own space that she can go to when she needs it.

Darla (A082167) would love to be in a quiet, adult only home where she can acclimate at her own pace and become the loving cat that she is destined to be. If you think you might like to chill with Darla, email socialcatsvbas@gmail.com to set up an appointment and come meet her!

FEATURED PETS: Tiger and Sharkie

“The Mystery of the Long-Term Shelter Dogs”

lt seems we have a real-life whodunnit at the shelter – or rather who-didn’t-do-it – which has us baffled. Here are the facts of the case:

—Tiger and Sharky are bonded 5-year-old Pit Terrier mixes who love each other very much.  They’ve been at the shelter for a year and eight months.

—We interviewed their friends who say they’re loving and a joy to be with! They adore people and like respectful, older kids. Even their next-door neighbors say they’re friendly, but agree a meet-and-greet is a must.

—When we questioned small children and cats, however, they agree that an adult-only home is preferred. Hmmm…interesting.

—A witness observed them enjoying a lively game of fetch and views them as excellent walking partners. Because of their puppy-like energy, they need daily exercise. However, after playing, witnesses report these merry mutts become laid-back lapdogs!

If you have any information leading to a forever home, please visit the shelter to help us solve this mystery and adopt Tiger (A059458) and Sharkie (A059459)!


Louie and Lizzy are 6- and 8-year-old Chihuahua mixes you’ll be excited to come home to. And with these cuties, the feeling is mutual!

They’re great with kids 10 years and up. Sweet and gentle, they can’t resist showering you with kisses. They also love laps (sitting on them AND running them!).

They enjoy playing with each other and chasing each other around, so having a yard is ideal. Despite all the frolicking, they’re easy to walk on a leash. Louie and Libby take time to stop and smell the roses – and lots of other things!

This duo is double the fun and double the affection. They’ll make fabulous companions for anyone! Adopt Louie (A086175) and Lizzy (A086174)!


The first time you meet Stevie, she will not be impressed. Once you bring out the can of food though, oh boy! Stevie is a very independent cat with a big personality.

At the shelter, Stevie can be a bit sassy, but once she is in a home she is a very calm and loving cat. She likes to be pet (on her terms), and loves to lord it over ribbon and feather toys. Mostly, Stevie likes to live the dream and nap all day with occassional breaks to eat.

Stevie had an eye injury in the past which makes one eye look a little off. That doesn’t slow her down and she needs no special medical care for the condition. It simply adds to her charm and her tough-girl persona.

Stevie is very low-maintenance and tolerates other cats but would prefer her own space. She would not do well with children as she needs folks who understand that when she is done playing or being pet she is completely done.

If you’re looking for a sassy, assertive feline friend, don’t drop by to meet Stevie! You can set up an appointment by emailing socialcatsvbas@gmail.com. Stevie would make a great companion and liven up any home. Adopt Stevie, A081111!


Would you wait three weeks for the love of your life? That’s all it would take for Abby to figure out that you’re her best friend in the world.

Abby came to the shelter back in March with her sister Sweetums. Sweetums was pregnant and went into kitten foster while Abby was shy and unsure about humans and went to socialization foster. She’s now thriving in a hectic home with people, kittens, dogs, turtles, snakes, fish, and other cats–including her sister!

Abby loves to be pet. If any part of your body gets near her she will rub against you like there is no tomorrow. You might get stuck petting Abby forever as she’s more likely to let you know she’s upset that you stopped petting her than anything else. She also loves to sit beside her people and lean against them, though she’s not a full-fledged lap cat just yet. She truly loves being around people, even though she’s so shy at first. Abby gets along well with both dogs and cats, provided they are low key and don’t chase her around.

Abby‘s special circumstances mean that she will be a little bit… shall we say… upset for the first two or three weeks in her new home. She’s still desperate to be pet in new situations, but she’s also unsure of her surroundings and prefers to be pet with a towel-covered stick. Once she realizes the same people and animals will regularly be around (and won’t eat her), she’ll all of a sudden decide to explore her new home and your lap! What’s two or three weeks of shyness when you’ll have such a great cat for the rest of her life?

If you’re interested in a very sweet cat, or maybe two very sweet cats, Abby is currently being fostered with her sister Sweetums. They’re no longer bonded, but they do get along well together! If you’d like to meet sweet Abby or her conversational sister Sweetums, email their foster mom Dana at burbank.monster.kitties@gmail.com and she’ll help find a time that works for everyone.


Beatrice is a lovely Australian Shepherd mix and quite a mysterious girl. We don’t know much about her past except that she’s pretty independent and has proven to be very streetwise!

It’s no surprise really. Aussies are known for being quite intelligent. And her 10 years of experience has prepared her for anything that comes her way! By the time Beatrice was found roaming the neighborhood, she probably had even more life experiences under her belt (or collar, rather).

She’s best with kids 10 years and up. We’re not sure how she is with dogs or cats, but a meet-and-greet with other dogs a must.

If you’re looking for a sweet friend and confident companion, adopt Beatrice (A097695)!


Chloe is a 7-year-old gray and calico Domestic Shorthair. She’s a bit on the reserved side, and we think she was probably a librarian in a former life.

She’s a shy little thing who thrives in a calm, quiet environment. When her owners brought home a crying baby, Chloe disagreed with the term “bundle of joy” and she began losing patches of fur. It’s imperative for her to have a low-stress home to relax in.

She’s incredibly sweet and likes the company of humans! Words can’t describe how much of devoted friend this sweetheart will make. Adopt Chloe (A087865)!