Chester came to the shelter with his two siblings in late November.  The kittens were only a few weeks old and very sick, but Chester was much smaller and weaker.  This little guy responded to treatment and TLC in foster care and is now ready for adoption.  Chester has a common viral condition that many cats have, though never show symptoms.  He may be more susceptible to upper respiratory infections than most cats, but with a nice home and daily supplements for his immune system he should continue to thrive.

Chester has the ideal personality for most people.  He is six months old and loves to play with the other cats (and dog) in his foster home, and he’s also happy to entertain himself.  He’s sweet and affectionate, especially when he wears himself out and it’s time for a nap!  This sweet boy is the whole package.

For more information or to meet Chester please contact Kristen: kklegseth@gmail.com   


And the Miss Congeniality award goes to…

Oona, the Labrador/Pit mix!

Oona is 6 years-old and the stand-out among  her comPETitors. She’s friendly, smart, obedient, and fully house-trained. Her favorite hobbies are fetching, running, and playing. She loves belly rubs and requires daily walks.

Here’s what the other contestants have to say about her…


“This mild-mannered girl is a great friend! She loves to be by your side. Oona is a joy to have around and she has a lot of love to give!

Small children:

“Oona has a lot of energy! Because she’s so spirited, she’s a little too much for us, but it doesn’t make her any less lovable! She’s great with kids who are 10 years-old and up, preferably with some dog experience.”


“We’d rather not comment.” (Some contestants can be so catty!)

Even the judges agree! If you’re looking for a loving and loyal pet, Oona takes the crown! Adopt Oona, A053179.


Say hello to Darla!

This beautiful, chocolate & white point Siamese mix is just the sweetest. She came to the shelter very shy but after being in the Socialization program she is more confident & enjoys exploring her surroundings. She gets along with other cats and will sit on your lap & cuddle once she gets to know you.

Darla (A082167) would love to be in a quiet, adult only home where she can acclimate at her own pace and become the loving cat that she is destined to be. Would you like to meet Darla?  Please email socialcatsvbas@gmail.com to set up an appointment!


This gorgeous six year old calico is a member of our Cat Socialization Program.  Susie experienced some trauma before coming to the shelter, so she is a bit shy. She would love a quiet home with an experienced and patient cat person.  Once she gets to know you, she comes out of her shell and loves to get scratches on her neck and the top of her head. (She’s actually a real sweetie.) She also very curious and enjoys playtime.  Show her a wand toy and you will both have a blast as she puts her hunting skills to work!


Susie has made tremendous strides in our socialization program and is looking for someone who knows and loves cats who can give her the time to settle in and get to know you at her speed.  To learn more or meet Susie (A083625) please emailsocialcatsvbas@gmail.com to set up an appointment!


Eight year-old Stevie is a gray and white Domestic Shorthair with a strong independent streak.  Mysterious and intriguing, she’s the femme fatale of cats.

Stevie is quite the little adventurer, frequently exploring her environment and making sure everything is to her liking. She’s a take-charge kind-of girl who doesn’t startle easily.

But just when you think you have her all figured out, the fickle feline becomes playful and receptive! She has a pink wand-toy and a feather toy that she loves playing with. She enjoys being petted – on HER terms, of course.

Stevie had an eye injury of some kind, which makes one eye look a little “off”, but that only adds to her mystique. Her eyes are healthy and she doesn’t need any special medical care.

She’s not a fan of other cats or kids, but she is very low-maintenance.  She’ll make a very good companion for an experienced cat owner who understands that Stevie is an independent girl and lives life on her terms.  Would you like to meet Stevie?  Please email socialcatsvbas@gmail.com to set up an appointment!

Stevie is absolutely one cool cat, but don’t let her independence deceive you. She needs your love and friendship as much as you need hers. Adopt Stevie, A081111!

FEATURED PETS: Tiger and Sharkie

Batman and Robin move over! Tiger and Sharkie are the real Dynamic Duo!

They’re bonded 5-year-old Pit Bull/Terrier mixes and a pair of sweet, affectionate goofballs. They absolutely love to play and they have a lot of energy. So when they’re not chasing toys or apprehending biscuits, they need to have daily exercise. They make good walking partners and love being with people! Tiger is the more extraverted of the two. Sharkie is a bit shy, but warms up quickly.

Their latest caper involves searching for a forever-home where they can get all the love and training they need. They might be fine with other dogs, however a meet and-greet is a must. An adult-only environment is preferred, but they’re great with respectful kids. Tiger and Sharkie do not like cats. What is it about superheros and cats…?

They’re fun-loving, entertaining companions who will put a smile on your face all day long. Adopt Tiger, A059458, and Sharkie, A059459!


Benji and Cleo are a sweet and well mannered pair of bonded German Shepherds.   These two adore each other, and would love to meet you too! They’re very devoted to each other and need to go to a home together.  We’re not sure how they are with other dogs, so a meet and greet is a must. They’d make a great pair of walking partners and a couple of great companions!  Come and meet Cleo (A085324) and Benji (A085323) today!


Sparky is a 2-year-old Terrier/Hound/Beagle mix and an all-or-nothing kind of boy.

He’s not just sweet and affectionate. He’s VERY sweet and affectionate!

Sparky loves people! He loves kids, but he should only live with those 10 years and older since he doesn’t know his own strength. He might be good with some dogs, but a meet-and-greet a must. He’s okay with never seeing a cat again.

He doesn’t just have energy. He has HIGH energy!

This fun-loving guy has a zest for life and requires daily exercise.

He’s not just smart. He’s VERY smart!  No…he’s VERY, VERY smart!

Sparky still needs basic training, so an experienced owner would be ideal! He’s a fast learner and knows how to sit, shake, and lie down!

If you’re looking for a furry companion who will make you EXTREMELY happy, adopt Sparky (A085200)!


Move over Peter Cottontail! Someone’s getting into the spirit of Easter!

Honey is a beautiful 3 year-old Pit Terrier mix who’s full of energy! She loves to play, so she’s really looking forward to egg-hunting this year.

She absolutely loves people and she loves cuddling. She craves affection and loves to be petted!

She’s responding very well to training and willing to learn new things (like delivering jellybeans!).

An experienced owner is a must. Because of her size and energy level, we recommend only older kids 12 years and up. She doesn’t do well with other dogs, so it’s best if she’s the only pet.

Sweeter than a chocolate bunny, we hope you’ll consider adopting Honey! (A083299)


Say hello to Libby!  This lovely 3 year old lady is the best of both worlds:  She’s mellow, but active! She’s a great hiking partner and responds well to kids over 12.  She’d be a great dog to take on walks, but also loves snuggling up afterwards. Check out our lovely Libby (A085459) and make her part of your family today!