FEATURED PETS: Sammy and Delilah

Sammy and Delilah are lovely 12 month-old German Shepherds. Silly, fun, playful…what else can we say? They’re practically puppies!

These sweet siblings are very bonded to each other, so they need to be adopted together.

They are highly intelligent and curious and can’t wait to join you on walks, play and other activities!  They’ll absolutely need a yard to play in, so get those toys, ropes, and balls ready! And talk about puppy power! Sammy and Delilah are quite strong, but kids who are experienced with large dogs should have no problem interacting with them.

Drop by and meet two bundles of joy! Adopt Sammy and Delilah (A089958-A089959)!

FEATURED PETS: Tiger and Sharkie

A pair of bonded brothers, Tiger and Sharkie, are Terrier/Boxer/Bulldog mixes with a bit of Chihuahua mixed in.  Tiger always looks smart in his beautiful brindle coat, and Sharkie is always dressed to impress in his tuxedo. These two are always ready for a walk around the town, or are just as happy to snuggle up with you on the couch.

Tiger is super outgoing and will instantly be your best friend.  Sharkie is a little more reserved and needs a little time to get to know you, but then he’ll be your buddy for life.  They’re a super affectionate pair of goofballs who like to act silly and *love* being with people. They have a lot of energy and are happy to run around the yard, play fetch, and go for walks.  But most of all, after all the running, playing and fetching is done, they love getting belly rubs!

Tiger and Sharkie are a dynamic duo who would *love* to become part of your family.  Come to the shelter and see what great dogs they are and adopt them today!


Bonnie and Clyde, a bonded pair of 2-1/2 year-old Alaskan Huskies are the most affectionate sweethearts you’ll ever meet!  They love everything! They absolutely love people of all ages, and the feeling is mutual! These bonded siblings also love each other very much and are the best of friends. They love life and you’ll see that with their abundant energy. They love to stay active and need frequent exercise. Once they calm down, however, they love living the lapdog life!

This pair is highly intelligent and are master escape artists, hence their names. (What can we say, they love a challenge.)  They can open doors and gates easily, so a secure yard is a must. We’d love to see this delightful boy and girl find a wonderful home. Adopt Bonnie and Clyde (A088136, A088137)!


Say hello to Kate the great!


Kate is a super sweet and mellow 5 year old who loves belly rubs, back massages and cuddling in general.  She also has a really cute habit of grunting when you give her pets and affection! She’s a quiet girl who could live in an apartment or condo as long as she gets regular walks.


Kate is ok with kids and good on a leash.  She requires a special food due to a food allergy, but that’s a small price to pay for a dog this sweet!  This loyal girl loves people and just wants to be by your side. Come meet Kate (A089725) and see what a wonderful companion she is!


Park is a very sweet, spry 11-year-old Terrier mix who has lived a hard life in the past few years. We’d love to see him adopted by someone willing to spoil him!

He’s low-maintenance and quite low-key. He’s good on-leash and easy to walk, and he excited when he sees the yard! He likes to go hiking and loves to smell and dig up the dirt and grass as he goes.  He also enjoys playing with and fetching balls.

Life at home? He must be the only pet, and kids in the household should be older ones. He loves to stay to stay close to you. And he loves back rubs, as evidenced by his wagging tail!

Park is a wonderful dog to have around. He’s not too “this”, and not too “that”. He’s juuust right! Adopt Park (A086510)!


Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, and Sundance is turning on the charm to find that special someone to take him home!

Sundance is an Australian Cattle Dog mix. He’s a little over 2 years old and he’s your typical, run-of-the-mill awesome dog.  He’s very sweet and affectionate once he gets to know you, and he’s fun, happy, and playful. He loves fetching furry stuffed animals with a little intermittent tug-of-war thrown in.

Sundance is looking for an experienced owner, because he’s quite a smarty-pants…and with intelligence comes a degree of stubbornness!  But it’s adorable, nonetheless, and he’s a quick learner. He likes to lean on you and he loves to get his belly and ears scratched!

Looking for a cool canine and fabulous friend? Adopt Sundance (A089419)!


Milo is 4-6 years old big boy with a big heart and he’s looking for a family to love!  He’s a really sweet, mellow boy. In fact, he can be quite timid, politely presenting his bum to request some well-deserved scratches.

He’s happiest when he’s immersed in belly rubs and biscuits. He’s very affectionate and loves chilling with his humans!  He likes to run and play and did great on one of our weekend hikes.  He would make a great running or hiking partner!

Help a wonderful dog start a new chapter in his life. Adopt Milo (A089780)!


Cleo is a 5-year-old red and black German Shepherd with a beautiful coat a goofy ear, and a sweet personality!

She’s a special girl: She can be quite independent, but she loves affection in the form of back massages. She’s always curious as to what everyone else is doing and loves to sniff around and explore. Cleo likes spending time chewing on tennis balls, though she’s no stranger to a game of fetch. She’ll make a good running, walking, or hiking partner.

She’ll need a little time to acclimate to a new home, so she is looking for an experienced owner. She’s not a fan of cats, and of course if you already have a dog, a meet-and-greet is a must!

She’s a simple, fun-loving companion who is lovely inside and out! Adopt Cleo (A085324)!