Chester the Wonder Kitten!

Say hello to a special kitten looking for a special adopter!

Hello there!   My name is Chester!

Chester came to the shelter with his two siblings in late November.  The kittens were only a few weeks old and very sick, but Chester was much smaller and weaker.  This little guy responded to treatment and TLC in foster care and is now ready for adoption.  Chester has a common viral condition that many cats have, though never show symptoms.  He may be more susceptible to upper respiratory infections than most cats, but with a nice home and daily supplements for his immune system he should continue to thrive.

I can do this *all day*!!!

Chester has the ideal personality for most people.  He is six months old and loves to play with the other cats (and dog) in his foster home, and he’s also happy to entertain himself.  He’s sweet and affectionate, especially when he wears himself out and it’s time for a nap!  This sweet boy is the whole package.

Watch him take on Captain America in “The Slap”

Thanos was a lightweight.

For more information or to meet Chester please contact Kristen:   

Playtime is over!  Pick me up so I can nap in your lap!