Cinema & Bennie

Looking for a pair of young, beautiful cats to come home to?  Cinema and Bennie may be for you!

Cinema and her bonded brother Bennie were former residents of the Burbank Animal Shelter who were adopted into a wonderful home back in August 2016.  Unfortunately, life sometimes doesn’t work out and, due to family issues, they came back to us a few months ago and are awaiting their true “forever” home.

Cinema is a gorgeous 5 year old tortoiseshell Maine Coon mix with beautiful soft, long hair.  She is definitely the more outgoing of the pair, greets everyone and loves head scratches.  She is curious and loves to explore.

Bennie is a 2 year old dapper black-and-white short-haired cat who is much more shy than his extrovert sister.  He takes time to warm up, but is very sweet once he does.  He likes to hide under his blanket and will need some time to become comfortable and trust his surroundings.

This wonderful pair of cats will need a patient owner who will let them become comfortable in their new home and will give them lots of love and socializing.  With understanding and time, they will repay all your efforts ten-fold!  

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