Curly Is Smiling Again!

Curly didn’t have much to smile about when he arrived at the shelter.  This 4 year old stray had a mouth full of rotten teeth and painful infections.

Despite the pain, Curly was sweet and friendly to everyone he met.  He loved being around people, and if you gave him a pet or scratch behind the ears he’d start purring up a storm.

Listen to that motor!

Even though he was on a soft food diet, eating hurt *a lot* and he was losing weight.  He needed help.

“Thanks for fixing my mouth, but um, about this cone…”

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Curly was able to go to Montrose Animal Hospital to have the dental surgery he needed.  With his mouth repaired, Curly was pain free for the first time in years.  Food was fun again, and he made up for lost time by eating lots of it and putting weight back on.

They call me Jazz Hands.

Curly spent a little over a week in foster care recovering.  His foster mom reported that he loved laying in laps, purred all the time, and *loved* getting belly rubs.  This was one happy cat!

Belly rubs in 3…2…1…

Best of all, days after being cleared by medical for adoption, Curly had a lot more to smile about:  He was adopted by a wonderful family!

I’m going to a home!

Curly’s new dad Brent tells the story:

“It was a warm Saturday afternoon in Burbank. We didn’t feel like cooking so we headed to the Veggie Grill for lunch  (Papoo’s Hot Dog Show as we Burbankers know it) After our delicious meal, my wife, daughter and I decided to head over to the Burbank Animal Shelter. We had been talking about getting our 14 month old rescue tuxedo kitty/cat Disco a pal.

Curly with his new dad!

As soon as we walked in the first cat we saw was Curly.  He gave us a look that was undeniable: he belonged with us.  We didn’t know his name was curly yet and we hadn’t yet seen the hook at the end of his tail that earned him the name, “Curly.”

The car ride home.

He was super affectionate. We fell in love with him and took him home!

Mmm…kitchen.  I like it here!

Even though he had most of his teeth pulled he is eating well with wet food and even gumming a little dry food.

More belly rubs coming in 3…2…1…

He LOVES to cuddle and loves to rub necks and noses.

We’ll be friends soon!

Our tuxedo kitty/cat is adapting rather quickly, although there was hissing and an audible “NOOOOOOOOO” that came from him on the first and second day.  We are on day four and we are settling in nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing the two cats cuddle. I’m sure it won’t be long.

I *really* like it here!

We love Curly and we are so happy to have him in our/his forever home.”

The VBAS (and Curly) would like to say a big thank you to our donors who made his surgery and this happy ending possible.  Thank you for giving this sweet boy a second chance!