Ginger Update!

Remember last month’s story about Ginger (Ginger on the Mend) who needed surgery to repair her broken pelvis and knee?   We have an update from her foster mom!

Ginger having a day out.

“Ginger has been recuperating nicely.  Her stitches have been removed and the doctor stated she is recovering.  She is very sweet and loves to be next to someone.  Over the last few weeks, Ginger has been putting more weight on her leg and showing us her personality.  She is definitely  a princess.  We have been trying to teach her how to use the dog door.  She prefers for us to open the screen door or to be picked up and carried in.  She uses the door when no one is looking. “


“Ginger has is snorter and a snorer.  When she is content her snorting gets louder.  It is super cute.  Needless to say, she doesn’t sleep in our room.   She would make a wonderful pet.  My family has fallen in love with her. “

Everyone is super happy that Ginger is healing and on the road to recovery.  We’ll have another update next month!