Greycie & Sneaks’ Happy Story -By Foster Mom Sally Chew

In October of 2018 two beautiful, but very shy, 3 month old kittens came to the shelter. Greycie and Sneaks went into a foster home for socialization. Although they slowly adapted to their foster humans, when new people would visit, they held their ground firmly under the bed. The shyer one was very dependent on the other, so they had to find a home together. After one failed adoption in January, they were returned to the shelter, and back to their foster home. They were going to be tricky to place.

However, the VERY next day, someone called saying she was looking for two grey sisters and would like to see about them. She was warned about their skittish nature, but came to visit them anyway. Leslie and Neal decided to adopt them and just let the kittens be who they were going to be – even if it meant they were going to hide out forever.

But that was not the case at all. This was a match made in heaven! The humans had the patience and respect for the cats and allowed them to acclimate to their new surroundings on their own time. Greycie and Sneaks are now living the life of their dreams. They keep their humans’ feet warm on the big comfy bed at night. And during the day they nap on a bed where they can also keep an eye on the outdoors through the big windows. They play with each other and follow their humans around the house. And these are no slacker kitties, they earn their keep. One day they were staring intently at the wall. The humans thought there may be a small spider crawling around, but when they got closer they could hear water. Further investigation by the humans revealed a broken pipe in the wall that they would not have noticed until it caused way more damage.

At this time of year, when we are thinking about all that we are thankful for, I find myself thankful for good timing, but mostly for loving and patient humans who give our kittens safe forever homes.