Hope’s Journey

Say hello to Hope.  This 3 month old tortie was having a very bad day when she arrived at the shelter.  She was hit by a car and the bones in her rear leg were broken into many pieces.  Despite the pain, she remained friendly, super sweet and purred for the vet.  This was one brave little girl!

Unfortunately the damage was too severe to save her leg, but we were able to save the rest of her!  Thanks to our generous donors, Hope was able to go to Montrose Pet Hospital to have her leg amputated.

Maybe it’s because they have four legs, but cats tend to bounce back quickly from amputations (Much more quickly than humans), and Hope was no exception.  The next morning she was back on her feet and hopping around at Montrose.  She was discharged that day and is now recovering in a foster home.

I’m doing good, but I’ll be a lot happier once I get this cone off! 

We’d like to say a big thank you to Montrose Pet Hospital and a *huge* thank you to our donors for making this surgery possible and saving little Hope.  We’ll have an update on Hope’s progress next month!