Meet Cali & Christian

Cali and Christian are a bonded brother/sister pair who have been in foster care since March. They’ve each had a birthday with us at this point!

Cali is smaller, but the older one at 3 yrs old. She loves to play with her favorite toy- a full size tennis ball, which, yes, she can fit in her mouth. She will ask you to throw the ball for as long as you’re willing, and after that time is up, she’ll bring another toy to see if its more to your liking. She also very much enjoys playing with her brother and chasing squirrels out of the yard at her foster home. At the end of the day she likes to curl up in a lap, maybe under a blanket, with her tennis ball and just enjoy living the good life.

Christian is bigger, but younger, and a bit sillier too. He’s just a little over a year and half in age, and adores his big sister- he will follow her anywhere. His favorite activities are following everyone else in the house around, chasing squirrels with his sister, bugging his sister to playing with him in the mornings, stealing her toys, jumping off of things, jumping on to other things, and cuddling on the couch while asking for belly rubs. Christian prefers you use his nickname Bear, and takes his time getting to know new people. It takes him a bit of time to learn to be comfortable with new people and situations, but once he does, he’s a dedicated friend for life. He’s incredibly sweet, loving, spontaneous and curious.

These two are good with other dogs and have done fine with cats, but will do best in a home with older kids or adults only. They want to enjoy life by exploring and playing and getting cuddles on the regular. They must stay together since they don’t understand life apart- they even share a crate! We would love to see them in a forever home before the holidays- they deserve a wonderful family and to be settled in to their forever situation.

To find out more about adopting these two adorable nuggets, please contact VBASFOSTERINFO@GMAIL.COM