Meet Foster Dogs Cali & Christen

Could you use some more laughter in your life? Meet Cali & Christen, the goofiest dogs around!

Cali is a one-year old female and Christen is her two-and-a-half-year-old big brother. These long-legged bonded Chihuahuas were getting stressed out in the shelter, so they moved in with a foster family to prove what good dogs they are. Since then, they’ve been doing great and now it’s time for them to find a permanent home. 

Both pups are super friendly, sweet and LOVE to be with people as much as possible. They’ll love you – but they LOOOOVE toys! Stealing them from each other, chewing them, wrestling over them, moving from one to the other, finding every single one and stealing them again. The fun never ends with these two dopey pups!

They do well with other dogs and are very gentle with kids. They’re great on walks and car rides (which seems to relax them).

Cali and Christen love each other to pieces, and even enjoy sleeping in the same bed together.

They’re Chihuahuas, so they can be chatty – they are not built for apartment-living (besides, they need more room to PLAY!)

Ready for a fun life with these two? Contact for more info on adopting Cali (A079709) and Christen (A079710)!

Interested in offering dogs like these a chance at peace and stability so they can blossom? Become part of the Adult Dog Foster Program’s foster network! Email to find out how you can help dogs like these find their forever homes.