Meet Susie–again!

Meet Susie–again! Susie is a graduate of our Cat Socialization Program. Cats in the Socialization Program are typically scared or skittish and we work with them to help them get used to people and learn that humans can be trusted. We’ve mentioned Susie before, but she’s come so much further since then!

Susie is now a total lap cat! Once you sit down in your chair, Susie will sit on your lap for hours on end purring and rubbing her cheeks against you. Even if you shift in your seat, she will hop away until you are settled and then come right back for more snuggles.

Susie is also very playful and enjoys her wand toys. She’s such a sweetheart who has really come out of her shell and is ready for her forever home.

Susie is a long-haired calico beauty so she will need regular brushing to keep free from mats, but she doesn’t mind being brushed while she lays on your lap. As long as you make sure to keep petting her too!

She does get along with other cats but she also likes her alone time. She would do well in a home with other cats where she can find her own space, or as a solo cat.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, playful, friendly purr machine then look no further than sweet Susie! Contact to meet her!