Meet the Lovebug Sisters!

Abby and Sweetums came to the shelter in March as (big) scared kittens. Abby was the most scared so she went to socialization foster while Sweetums was pregnant and went to kitten foster. Now that Sweetums’ kittens are grown up and adopted, they’re both in foster together and have gone from extremely shy to sweet as can be! Both are 10-months-old (still just big kittens!) and are ready to fill you house with love and purrs.

Look into my eyes…

Sweetums is a very petite brown and white tabby who will probably stay small the rest of her life. When cats have kittens at such a young age they often don’t grow much afterwards. All you need to keep Sweetums happy is a tall cat tree and a can opener. She loves to perch all over the cat tree in the quietest room of her foster home because it gives her more control of potentially scary situations. And, of course, she loves her food!

I’m tiny but mighty!

Now that Sweetums understands no one in the house is going to eat her, she’s really come out of her shell. She likes to lay on the bed with people and with other cats, and she is a total lap cat. Even when she’s not in your lap, she will lay beside you on a pillow purring and making biscuits. Sweetums is a soothing presence in the house as she is very calm.

 I am so over this…

Sweetums loves other cats and gets along with pretty much everyone–though she’s a little bit over kittens, understandably! She’s not the biggest fan of dogs, but if the dogs are small or lazy she doesn’t mind. If there are loud noises, she will retreat to her cat tree where she feels safe, but so long as you have that safe spot for her she will do fine!

Sweetums can do circus tricks! Every night, she will stand on her back feet with perfect form for treats. While she learned it with the resident cats, she is much better at it than they are! She’s a very smart girl and easy to train (yes–a trainable cat!) If you aren’t petting her well enough she will lick your hands with her gentle, sandpaper tongue until you give her all the pets she deserves.

Where are my pets?

Abby is a mostly brown tabby with some small white spots here and there and white toes. Abby’s quirk is that she is so scared in new situations that she hides for 2-3 weeks when she is in a new home. That said, Abby has been in two different foster homes and in both of them she came to love everyone in the house after those three weeks! She likes to be in small spaces like buckets, under the couch, or on the dining room chairs, but she’s not hiding because she’s scared. She just likes the security of a small space. She comes out regularly to see what’s going on and to demand that you pet her.

Abby is very social and she loves to be around people. Even in those first weeks when she is shy, she is desperate to be pet and will insist on you petting her with a towel covered stick (yes, it is silly. It’s also very cute.) If you sit down on the couch she will immediately come out from under it to rub all over you, purr, and push against your hands until you are petting her to her satisfaction. Abby always eventually ends up in your lap but doesn’t seem to realize how she got there.

More pets please!

Abby gets along very well with other cats and lazy dogs. The one thing she doesn’t like is high-energy cats/dogs/people! One resident cat in her foster home is constantly chasing her to play and she’s not into that at all. Everyone else is her best friend! Her foster home is full of people, foster kittens, and other cats and–while she would certainly prefer a quieter space–she does okay with low-grade chaos.

I am very chill.

Abby and Sweetums are not bonded and they can be adopted separately. But if you’d like both cats to liven up your life and lap–two cats are always better than one!   Both cats will be shy for a few weeks in their new home(s), but so are most cats, and hey, wouldn’t you wait three weeks for the love of your life?  That’s all it would take for them to figure out that you’re their best friend in the world!

I am also very chill!

If your house is (at least a little bit) quiet and everyone in it has a few weeks’ worth of patience, then consider coming to meet Abby and Sweetums in their foster home. You can email to set up an appointment. That email is constantly monitored and you will get a quick reply. Bonus: their foster home is available outside of shelter hours, so if you need to come after work or on a day the shelter is closed that can easily be done!