Oscar got his smile back and got adopted!

Oscar arrived at the shelter as a very thin senior kitty. He was eartipped, which meant he was a sterilized stray, but it quickly became apparent he was not feral. Oscar was actually a very sweet cat who loved people and soon became a volunteer favorite.

Oscar had a dental disease called stomatitis. Basically, he was allergic to his own teeth. His gums were very swollen and painful. So painful that he could barely eat. Dental surgery was needed.

Thanks to generosity of donors to the Volunteers of The Burbank Animal Shelter, Oscar was able to have his surgery. For the first time in a long time eating did not hurt! Oscar quickly became reacquainted with food and started putting on weight. He also gave many grateful headbutts to the volunteers who doted on him during his recovery. Oscar was one happy kitty!

And now the best part: Less than a week after being cleared by Medical, Oscar found his forever home! A senior adopter was looking for a senior cat, and it was a perfect match!

Oscar in his new home

The VBAS would like to thank our donors, Medical, the Volunteers and especially Oscar’s adopter for making this happy ending possible. Thank you for giving a very sweet cat a second chance!