Pacman and Nala adopted!

Our long term bonded pair Pacman and Nala got adopted!!!!

The big day!

We always knew they’d make great pets!  This wonderful pair was with us for nearly a year, and we’re over the moon that they’ve found their perfect home!

Sooo happy to be in a home!

 “Pac Man and Nala are amazing,” reports their new family.  “They love us so much and are officially a part of our family.”

Loving all that attention!

“We have 3 kids so the house is always full of noise and fun.  All our friends also adore them and we love taking them for walks.”

Just a couple of lapdogs!  We knew it!

“It’s been truly great!”

Thanks so much to Pacman and Nala’s new family for adopting these two and welcoming them into your home!  And a big thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Burbank shelter who gave them so much love and attention during their stay with us.

We’ll miss you two, but we couldn’t be happier for you!