Queen Sprinkles: Looking for Prince Charming

Hello there, human friends. My name is Sprinkles and I am a queen looking for a new kingdom to rule. If you would like to live in the daily presence of royalty, I’m your girl!

A hat fit for a queen!

I would enjoy a castle that I could share with male subjects, but some ladies in waiting would be all right. I am 9 years old and not a fan of children as I find them too active for me.  I’d prefer a quiet household and would be a perfect senior for senior.

Did someone say dinner?

I enjoy being pet as long as it’s on my terms. (After all, I am a queen!)  As a mature lady, I like a bit of playtime but I’m much more into lounging.

I really like this hat.

I should be the only cat in the house because I am undoubtedly in charge. Dogs are okay as long as they understand that they are my subjects and I am the boss.

If you would like to meet your new queen, please visit the Burbank Animal Shelter and ask for Sprinkles. (A085761) That’s me!