Say Hello to Bo The Cat

Say hello to Bo, the big tuxedo cat with the wide curious eyes!

Bo is super sweet and his favorite thing in the world is cheek scratches. He might look nervous, but if you scratch his cheeks he will melt into a puddle. He absolutely loves it. He’s also known to just lay his head on your hand and pretty much just stay there.

He is kind of a big cat. Well, he’s sort of deceptively large – not fat, but dense.

I’m not fat, I’m big boned!

Bo is two years old, and a very quiet two year old at that.   He’s part of our socialization program and has made big strides in his time with us at the shelter.  He’s still a little wary around new people, but he can also be very independent when he wants.  (We see him happily wandering around the socialization room when people are not there.)  Once he gets to know you, he’s happy to sit on your lap for pets and purrs.  He’s very chill, and we think he’ll be just fine in a quiet home.

With a little bit of patience and understanding, beautiful Bo (A081335) would would make a purrfect companion!