Stevie The Cat!

Stevie is an eight-year-old, gray and white, Domestic Shorthair with a chip on her shoulder. The first time you meet Stevie, she will not be impressed. Once you bring out the can of food though, oh boy! Stevie is a very independent cat with a big personality.

Pet my belly, if you dare!

At the shelter, Stevie can be a bit irritable, but once she is in a home she is a very calm and loving cat. She likes to be pet (on her terms), and loves to lord it over ribbon and feather toys. Mostly, Stevie likes to live the dream and nap all day with occassional breaks to eat.

Did someone say food?

Stevie had an eye injury in the past which makes one eye look a little off. That doesn’t slow her down and she needs no special medical care for the condition. It simply adds to her charm and her tough-girl persona.

I know how to party.

Stevie is very low-maintenance and tolerates other cats but would prefer her own space. She would not do well with children as she needs folks who understand that when she is done playing or being pet she is completely done.

If you’re looking for a sassy, assertive feline friend, drop by to meet Stevie! You can set up an appointment by emailing Stevie would make a great companion and liven up any home. Adopt Stevie, A081111!