Tiger and Sharkie! The Bro-mance is real!

February reminds most of us of Valentine’s Day and romance.. but what about a Bro-mance? Tiger and Sharkie are a couple of Pal-entines ready to tango their way into your heart!

This dynamic duo is looking for a long term relationship and are ready to settle down and have a family. These boys are the perfect date! They enjoy long, romantic hikes together and then coming home to snuggle up with Y.O.U. What could be better than being in the middle of a Tiger and Sharkie sandwich?

Sharkie is the tall, dark, mysterious brother who is balanced perfectly with his vivacious, ham-of-a-brother Tiger. These are two princes who know what they’re looking for and would prefer a home that is like a good wine- well aged! So older kids and a family who is experienced in the art of dog parenting is preferred.

Do these boys check all of your boxes? Come down to the Burbank Animal Shelter to meet your match! Or in Tiger and Sharkie’s case–matches!”