Tucker and Andy!

“Hey Andy, I think I see someone with treats!”

Remember the Odd Couple?  Well, meet the Burbank Animal Shelter’s own version of Felix and Oscar!  Tucker and Andy are an unlikely duo, but remain best friends nonetheless.  Andy is an 8 year old one-eyed chihuahua mix and Tucker is a 4 year old orange tabby cat.  Yes, that’s right, we have a bonded dog and cat pair!

Andy hamming it up.

They came to us when their owners’ circumstances changed and they could no longer take care of them and we are determined to keep them together.  It works perfectly – Andy kind of thinks he’s a cat and Tucker kind of thinks he’s a dog, so they’re obviously not worried about species stereotypes.  Both are very friendly and people oriented.  Andy really enjoys going on walks and snuggling on laps, and Tucker loves to be scratched – and has even been known to walk on a leash himself!

“Hey Tucker, he followed me home. Can we keep him?”

Come by and see this wonderful bonded pair in their custom kennel accommodations – you’ll know they’re the pets you’ve been looking for!