We’ve had some super adoptions recently!

Bonded pair Jake and Portia (The Benefits of Bonded Pairs) found their forever home this month!

Ok Mom and Dad, one more photo, now can we get in the car?

And not to be outdone, Linus also found his new home!

I’m more photogenic than those two!

Long term resident Prince Rouger also found his forever home!  He has a nice yard, toys, and another dog to play with!

Yep, Prince Rouger is one Happy Dog!

Remember Darcy?  (Meet Darcy)  This special boy graduated from our cat socialization program and found his new home!

He’s now living with his new family and two cats, Reggie and Zeeba.  It took a little while for Darcy to get comfortable, but he’s coming around and becoming more confident each day.

Darcy hanging out with Reggie.

We always said Darcy was a “Cat’s Cat” and true to form Darcy and Zeeba quickly became friends, and after a little bit he and Reggie became buddies too.  They like to chase each other…and hunt the elusive red laser dot.

I *definitely* got it this time…really!

It’s no surprise that Darcy became friends with the other cats, but best of all, he’s becoming more and more comfortable with the two legged residents of his new home too!  He’s not a lap cat yet…but he is becoming more trusting and spending more and more time with his new mom and dad. He’s also giving them lots of “eye kisses”, which is awesome!

Thank you so much to Lynne and Tim who took a chance on our special boy and were patient enough to let Darcy adapt on his terms.

And last but not least, our gorgeous senior friend and long term resident Prince Malachi found his forever home!

Prince’s new mom reports that he is adjusting very well and settling in nicely!  His nickname is “Uffda”, which is Norwegian for “oh my!”

It’s only been a few weeks, and Prince already acts like he owns the place.  He likes keyboards….as in standing on computer keyboards while mom is trying to work.  (I think he’s trying to get someone’s attention…)  He’s also a big fan of head and neck scratches, rubbing up against legs (table and human) and he especially loves being brushed.  On top of that he jumps up on the bed each morning and *insists* on multiple head scratches.  Yep, he’s a bit spoiled, but he deserves it!

Having fun just watchin’ the world go by!

He a big fan of  watching people through doors and windows, and also likes to play with his toys and run around the house.  Not bad for a 10 year old cat!

I’ll just hang out here for a while…

But more than anything, Prince Malachi is super happy to be in a home.  We’re so glad he and his new mom found each other.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the proud new parents who adopted Jake, Portia, Linus, Prince Rouger, Darcy, Prince Malachi, and all the other adopters who have taken our animals into their hearts and homes.  Thank you for adopting and saving a life!