Jordie’s Happy Reunion!

5 year old Jordie went missing the night of September 23, 2017.  It was his mom’s birthday, and someone at the party left the gate open.  Liz and her family started searching right away: flyers were posted, shelters were checked, and the neighborhood was searched every day.  He was wearing a collar with tags, and he was microchipped, but he was no sign of him.  As days turned into weeks and months, hope faded.

Fast forward two years:  Liz’s mom received a call from the Burbank Animal Shelter.  A stray had been picked up and while he didn’t have a collar, he did have a microchip…and the information tied to it said it belonged to her family.   It was Jordie!   Her husband immediately picked him up and brought him home.
Liz was still at work, but when she came home she received the happiest surprise of her life:


We don’t know what happened or where Jordie was for those two years, but we do know one thing:  Jordie’s microchip made all the difference in reuniting him with his family.
An estimated 10 million pets go missing each year, and one in three pets will go missing at some point during their lives.  Nationally, 22% of dogs entering animal shelters are reunited with their owners, but for dogs with microchips the number is 52%.   For cats, only 2% are reunited, but that number jumps to 38% for cats with microchips.

About the size of a grain of rice, a pet microchp is implanted beneath the skin of your pet.  The chip has a unique serial number that can be read by a scanner at a vet or shelter.  As long as the pet’s owner has registered the chip and kept their contact info current, lost pets like Jordie can be reunited with their owners.
Is your pet chipped?  The process is quick, inexpensive, and lasts a lifetime.   Burbank residents whose pets are currently registered at the Burbank Animal Shelter can have their animals chipped at the shelter for $10.00.  Not a Burbank resident or want to learn more?  Speak to your vet!