Puppy Reunion!

Back in the day…

There was a joyous reunion of a litter of pups from our Puppy Foster Program (PFP).  They recognized their foster Dad, right away and greeted him with happy kisses and tail wags.

Look at us now!

They took a few minutes to recognize their siblings but once they got over the initial shyness they were off to races, chasing each other just like old times when they were little babies!

Just like old times!

They are now 5 months old and have been in their new homes for about 3 months.  Joey looks the most like a chihuahua and he gets to spend his days at work with his Mom.  Blue has the curls and the one blue eye. She spends time at her grandparents when her Mom goes to work.  Persephone looks like a terrier mix, and she goes to the dog park or puppy playtime at a local pet store every day!  They all hit the jackpot and found wonderful homes!

The proud parents!

 Joey, Blue and Persephone are three of the 14 puppies that were fostered by our Puppy Foster Program in 2019.  Foster volunteers house these young puppies and provide essential care – feeding, socialization with humans and other animals and medical care until they are old enough to be adopted.  We’re always looking for new fosters, click here to learn more and apply!