Say Hi to Cleo!

Cleo is a 5-year-old red and black German Shepherd with a beautiful coat and a sweet personality!  She’s quite independent, but she loves affection in the form of back massages. She’s always curious as to what everyone else is doing. She loves to sniff around and she’s always aware of her surroundings. Cleo likes spending time chewing on tennis balls, though she’s no stranger to a game of fetch. She’ll make a great running, walking, or hiking partner.

I love to hike!

She’s well-mannered and a good listener, but she’s a better talker! So for that reason, apartments and condos are not good environments.  She’s very laid-back when she’s not chattering away with enthusiasm!

I like to play ball too!

She’ll need a little time to acclimate to a new home, so she is looking for an experienced owner.  She interacts well with adult visitors and she’ll do well with kids 12 years and older. She’s not a fan of cats, and if you already have a dog a meet-and-greet is a must.

She’s a simple, fun-loving companion who is lovely inside and out! Adopt Cleo (A085324)!