Sweetie Smiling!

I’m happy and smiling again!

Six year old Sweetie was not feeling well when she arrived at the shelter.  This beautiful girl had a painful mouth full of broken teeth and needed help.  We sent her to our friends at Montrose Pet Hospital for dental surgery and then to a foster home to recover.  

The Paparazzi cannot resist me.

Free of pain in her mouth for the first time in a long time, Sweetie was *super* happy and spent the weekend following her foster mom around, demanding pets, and giving headbutts at every opportunity.  Oh and now that it didn’t hurt, she was also ready to ham it up at her big photo shoot.

Mmm, that feels nice!

And now the best part: a few days after being cleared for adoption, this super sweet gray lady was adopted!  

I call this pose “Blue Steel”.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our donors who made the funding of Sweetie’s surgery possible.  Because of you, Sweetie is smiling again. Thank you for saving her!