Our Big Foster Family

The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter hope you are healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.
While the shelter is closed to the public, the staff and volunteers are doing everything we can to make sure the animals in our care receive all the love and attention they deserve.
We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has stepped up to foster during this crisis.  A large number of our animals have been placed in foster homes, with more dogs in foster than ever before!  We’d like to share some of their stories with you, and we hope they make you smile.

Miss Cleo is fitting in very well with her foster family.  She’s great with the kids in the house and loves to play fetch!

So excited about my new bed and my new room with a view!

Cleo’s mom reports she is house trained and figured out how to use the doggie door quickly.  She also knows “sit” and “shake” for a treat.  She’s an active gal who loves to go on walks, so much that she steps into her harness by herself to get ready to go!

Check out my new yard!!!

After her walk, Cleo is perfectly happy to spend the day sleeping at her foster mom’s feet while she works.  She’s a beautiful girl and will make a great addition to her forever family.

Ronan was born and rasied on the streets of Burbank and was not a happy camper when he came to the shelter.  He quickly became known as shelter grump, as he would growl non-stop at everyone.

Me? Grumpy? Nahh…

Ronan went into our socialization program, but really bloomed when he went into a foster home as the pandemic started.   It became clear after the first few days that he was meant for apartment life.  Within two days he stopped growling, scowling and hissing and started meowing, playing and purring!

This cardboard scratcher stuff is *fun*!

After a little while he started playing with the resident cats in his foster home and they started teaching him the ropes of indoor life.  Ronan quickly figured out living inside was a good thing and transformed into an affectionate house cat that loves other cats, playing, napping, squirrel watching, and eating.

Cat trees rule!  And this one has a view!

Ronan is still skittish around people, but his foster parents are working with him and he’s getting more confident every day.  He’s happy to cuddle up in the cat tree next to foster parents, or lay on the floor by them, but he’s not ready to sit on the couch or sleep on their bed just yet.
He does, however, have his own bed in their bedroom that he uses when it’s bedtime!


His parents have also taught him a hand signal.  When he sees it, he knows to go to them to get pets. He LOVES the attention and has the LOUDEST purrs.

Mmm, I like this.  Thanks mom.

Ronan is your typical teenage boy who loves playing with his toys, running around the house at top speed, and playing with the other cats.  He’s also comfortable wearing harnesses and bandanas, getting groomed (nails and brushing), and did we mention he LOVES being petted?  If you’re willing to be a little patient and work with him, he’ll make a great addition to your home!

Call me bandito!

When Yoshi arrived at the shelter he had a skin condition and was feeling run down.

I’m feeling much better!

But with a lot of baths, love and TLC in his foster home he’s made a big turnaround.  His hair grew back and now he’s full of energy.

Sorry Yoshi, I get the lap first!

Yoshi gets along great with the kids and other animals in his foster home, like Danah the foster cat!

You’d never know it now, but but Danah used to be a very scared and hissy kitten.

I really like laps!  (Sorry Yoshi, too slow!)

What a difference a few days of socializing in her foster home made!  Now Danah loves to snuggle in laps, play with toys, and purrs up a storm.

Ok, Yoshi, we can share this one.

She gets along with everyone and is best buds with all the animals in the house: Yoshi, another dog, another cat, and even a bearded dragon!

Milo is doing *fantastic* in his foster home!

He loves his foster roommate Rita and follows her around the house and always wants to sleep in her room, so he’s a ladies man.

He loves going on walks, and he also loves going on runs with his foster Dad every night.

Follow Milo’s adventures on Instagram at  milo_totherescue

The dynamic duo is doing great!  This bonded pair settled into their new foster home immediately.

Welcome to our house!

Munchie is a professional at covering his whole body with a blanket- you would think that a person tucked him in.

Munchie on top of the blankets for once!

Derose is the smaller of the two, and she likes sitting on laps, especially when she’s working at her desk.  (Hmm, sounds like she’s part cat…did she learn this from Danah?)

Derose out and about and getting some sun!

Lilly is a gorgeous little lady who grew up on the streets of Burbank.   She hid under a blanket when she was at the shelter, but she’s making great strides in her foster home!

Look into my eyes…you will give me treats!

She’s still a little shy at first, but once you gain her trust she’s sweet, affectionate, loves to be pet, and will purr and make biscuits.  She also has a cute little squeaky meow.  Her mouth opens but only a little squeak/chirp comes out.

Chriping for the camera!

Lilly will happily sit on her foster mom’s lap for pets and treats, and recently discovered the fun of playing with wand toys.  She’s well on her way to becoming a loving companion.

This living inside thing is kinda fun!  Now about those treats…


Chato settled right in and quickly warmed up to his new family.  His foster mom reports he loves to jump in her lap and give kisses.  He also loves to snuggle.


Leo’s foster mom reports he’s a really nice and gentle guy, but he’s shy and likes to hang out in cozy, private places.  He has a super plush coat and LOVES to be petted. Especially on the face and tummy, and on his back while he eating.

Leo is looking for a patient and understanding adopter who will work with him.  He’s a really sweet cat who loves pets and attention, but he also needs “Leo time” in his favorite cubby while he gains confidence.

According to her foster mom, Bridget Jones is a lot like her namesake: She’s a single lady looking for love.  She’s a sucker for good food, and like the character, hasn’t had the best of luck with men (she’s territorial around male dogs) but enjoys the companionship of a mellow lady.

Bridget is housebroken and loves to go for walks; she’s excellent on the leash and enjoys exploring the great outdoors.  But the absolutely best thing about Bridget is that she is a ragdoll and LOVES to be held like a baby.  Her perfect date would definitely include Netflix and chill.

Because Bridget loves so intensely, she does have a little bit of separation anxiety, so her perfect partner would have to be patient and understanding while she learns to get comfortable in her new home.

All in all, Bridget is a wonderful , sweet girl and is just looking for the right person to love her just the way she is!


Guillermo is a sweet boy, once you give him some time to get to know you.  He grew up on the streets of Burbank so he’s still a little wary, but he’s adapting rapidly to inside life.  He loves to play chase with the other cats in his foster home, and would do well with a playful cat companion.

He is very curious, and loves to bird watch!  He would love a home with a big window, where he can watch birds and squirrels all day long.  He’s also a fan of laying next to his foster parents and purring away while they watch TV.

Kate is settling right in and is getting the hang of house living and walking on a leash.
She also really likes sleeping on the couch!

Her foster mom reports she loves snuggle, or just gaze out the window.  She also loves to burrow into crevices in between her arms or in pillows.

Most of all, Kate is happy to be in a home.

Billy was a Kitten Charm School student and Baxter was part of our cat socialization program. I say “was” because, together, they are the sweetest, most affectionate cats you will ever meet.

Baxter is Billy’s favorite pillow.

These two hadn’t met each other before quarantine and now they are inseparable. They play together, groom each other, and snuggle together for naps.


Best of all, they helped each other overcome their fears. Billy was very skittish and terrified of people before he met Baxter, and now he loves to chat with humans and will walk right up and ask for pets!

Baxter hamming it up for the camera and teaching Billy the “high five”.

Baxter was a little shy and didn’t like new situations but, with Billy by his side, he gained so much confidence that he will now happily flop in your lap and MAKE you pet him while you watch TV!

“Watch and learn Billy.  This is how you get pets!”

These two may not truly be brothers but they were meant for each other.  Even though things are weird for all of us humans right now, the fact that Baxter and Billy got to meet because of it is one big positive that we can’t deny!

Best friends!

If you want to know more about Billy and Baxter, please email their foster mom dana@thevbas.org.

Alex and Benson are sweet, goofy dogs who love to cuddle and are quick to offer kisses when shown affection.

Hey, this is comfy…

They are content to spend the day curled up together on the couch but also love to run around in the backyard.

Benson enjoys chasing toys, and Alex enjoys chasing Benson.

We also like bath time!

On their daily walks, they have smelled every single bush in the neighborhood thoroughly!

They have been a true joy to get to know and made our lives much more enjoyable during this strange time.
Thank you again to all our fosters who opened their homes to our furry friends during this crisis.  We deeply appreciate it, and we know our dogs and cats do too!!!
Have a question about a foster dog or cat?  Do you want to be a hero and foster for us?  Contact vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com!  Thank you!
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