Tiger and Sharkie Go Camping!

Road trip!!!

If you’ve visited the Burbank Animal Shelter in the last 2 years, you’ve seen bonded pair Tiger and Sharkie’s silly faces. You’ve probably heard them, too – these 6-year-old Chihuahua/Boxer/Pit mixes get so excited when people pass their kennel, they wriggle and shout. They love being around people so much, they just can’t sit still!

What a view!

A volunteer decided to see what kind of pups they were when they were out of the shelter.  Way out of the shelter. Tiger and Sharkie went on a road trip to the woods up in Big Bear, where they got to explore pine trees, lakefronts, and most importantly – COUCHES!

Tiger is a big fan of the couch!!!

They knew exactly how to enjoy a cabin – cozying up in lots and lots of blankets in front of the fire.

Couch potatoes!

More importantly, they proved what amazing dogs they were in a home environment. They seem to be house-trained, were quiet, and enthusiastic eaters. They didn’t mind seeing other dogs or people, they didn’t even get worked up over squirrels. One of them was more excited about hiking the new trails than the other (Tiger can’t help it – he’s got such short legs!)

Sharkie took the bottom bunk.

But what they loved absolutely most of all was spending time with people. They dance with excitement every time there’s a chance of snuggling. We don’t know if they’d watched TV before this weekend – but it’s clear that they’re born couch potatoes, destined for a life of binging with their forever family.

TV time!  Catching up on The Simpsons.  Sharkie is hooked!

If you think you’re the right home for a bonded pair of goofy, loving, lazy boys, go check out their bios by clicking Here for Tiger and Here for Sharkie, and set up an appointment to meet them!