Tiger and Sharkie Adopted!!!!

What’s better than Tiger and Sharkie going camping?  How about Tiger and Sharkie *going to their forever home*!!!


It was three years in the making, but it finally happened!  Tiger and Sharkie got adopted!!  Click here to see the video of the big day!
We got a great update from Tiger and Sharkie’s new mom and dad:

“It’s been just over a week since we adopted Tiger and Sharkie, and they are firmly in possession of our hearts.  There have been a couple of very minor house-breaking accidents, but the boys are very smart and they’re catching on very quickly.  They’re so sweet and affectionate, and champion cuddlers.

First we’ll share this one…

The cutest and sweetest thing ever is that they share the food.  We put down two bowls with the same amount in each, they eat from one bowl at the same time, then move to the other one.

…and now we’ll share this one!

We are walking twice a day, plus whatever other trips outside are needed.  I’ve been walking Tiger a little bit farther each day, and he’s doing great.  He’s got the cutest little waddle!  Sharkie is quite the athletic guy, he loves walking the hilly loop around the block.  I’m super proud of Tiger.  He has been balking at going upstairs in the mornings, this morning he followed Sharkie up the stairs before I could turn around to pick him up! Such a good boy!

Living the good life!

We all enjoy the deck, often spending all afternoon out there, reading, napping, relaxing.  Always watch the sun rise together, and look at the stars at night before bed.  We took the ottoman cushions from the outdoor furniture and put their blanket on top of them to serve as a bed for them until their elevated beds arrive.  Most nights they’re sleeping snuggled together.  I’m planning to zip tie the beds together and make them a cushion that will fit on the two beds together, so they can continue that.

Mmmm..this is nice!

I concentrate on what we’re doing for and with them, they’re bringing us so much happiness.  They’re very affectionate and we are definitely enjoying all the cuddles.  The walking is great for us, too.  We’re so happy to have dogs again and these two are a great fit for our life.

Best friends forever!  (Just gotta work on those selfie skills!)

Thank you to all of you for giving them the love and care they needed until we found them.

Home sweet home!

Mary and Dan
Lucky to be Tiger and Sharkie’s humans.”
Thank you so much to Mary and Dan for adopting Tiger and Sharkie, and a big thank you to the Staff and Volunteers who never gave up on them!   We’re going to miss you guys, but we couldn’t be happier for you!