Kate the Great!

Kate is a super sweet and mellow 6 year old who loves belly rubs, back massages and cuddling in general. She also has a really cute habit of grunting when you give her pets and affection! She’s a quiet girl who could live in an apartment or condo as long as she gets regular walks. Her foster mom reported she is a sweet girl that loves to snuggle with you all day long. She is the perfect work partner. Kate loves going on car rides and enjoys her long walks, but when she sees another dog or cat, it is best to walk away in the other direction. Kate is housebroken and can understand several tricks and commands including: sit, stay, leave it, down and shake.

Kate is a special girl. She came to us in need of medical help and love. Kate has severe food and environmental allergies and needs to have a very specific diet for the rest of her life, but that’s a small price to pay for a dog this sweet! She would be happiest with an owner who is home often.

Kate is loving and affectionate and loves to be by your side. She likes all people! For now, she needs to be the only pet in the household. She likes walks and hikes but no dog parks.

Kate has a common medical condition called Atopic dermatitis (allergies to the environment). This is not a condition that is curable, but it can be treated with regular bathing, daily medications, and a special diet. She is stable now with these regular treatments.  Kate will most likely need to stay on medications for her skin, remain on a special diet, and have regular baths for the rest of her life. She may require extra veterinary care when her skin flares up. She sees a dermatologist regularly for medication management.

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