Skyla had a rough start to life and was extremely scared when she first got to the shelter. Staff worked with her and helped her learn to trust them and she came around, yet she is still cautious of people she doesn’t know. She will require a home with another dog, an owner who has experience or is willing to work with scared, small dogs and a household with no children.

Skyla is currently in a foster home and her mom writes:  “Skyla is an adorable, little dog who loves to play and be next to her person. She loves toys and playing with her dog friend, Reno. She loves to go on walks. She is good on a leash but still needs some training. She has learned to use our dog door and do her business outside. Skyla is friendly and wants attention from people that she knows and trusts. When you walk in the door she is there waiting for you to say hello and give her pets.

Skyla is also very protective of her dog friends and her person. If she feels they are threatened, she barks. It does take her a little while to be comfortable around new people. You shouldn’t go right up and try to pet her unless you do it slowly, or a person she is comfortable with is there. She does experience separation anxiety and needs a dog friend to keep her company. She is getting better and is learning to go to other family members in the house.

Skyla is a great dog who just wants to please and be loved. She will make a wonderful pet for the right household.”

To meet Skyla, check out her profile at http://thevbas.org/adopt-dogs to complete an application and schedule an appointment. Please make the appointment at least 2 days out as she is in a foster home.