Working Cats Still Looking for Working Homes!

We Still Have Feral Cats Looking For Homes!

As we shared last month, Burbank Animal Shelter’s Barn Cat Program is designed to place unsocialized feral cats who do not like humans into working homes where they can earn their keep as a natural rodent deterrent.  We still have feral cats needing homes, and we thought we’d share some photos and stories about some of our recent placements.

This is Clemenza the friendly-ish but angry cat who placed a few weeks ago. He’s in a large garage and office space and out of the cage, but won’t be let outside for a while. He’s not a typical barn cat, but he found a perfect place and experienced owners for this sassy boy that she shelter couldn’t adopt out.

Here’s Penny getting settled in.  For the first 4 weeks Barn Cats stay in an enclosure as they learn that this is their new home.

And here she is on patrol!  Her owners report she’s full of personality and brings them “presents” doing her hunting job.  They can’t pet her, but she’s always close by.

Boots and Fiona have settled in and their owners love them!

Harold and Maeve’s owners report they’re doing their jobs quite well, but they are rarely seen.

Their home base is the garage, and they catch glimpses of them on the security cameras.

Sadly, the overwhelming majority of feral cats brought to shelters are euthanized because there are not enough working homes for them. The Barn Cat Program works to place as many as possible in working homes like barns, stables, vineyards, warehouses, industrial facilities, and residential yards to give them a second chance at life. Like all the other cats adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter, Barn Cats are all spayed/neutered and immunized before going to their new homes. Volunteers deliver the cats and provide Barn Cat adopters with initial supplies and general procedures for introducing the cats to their new environment.  Adopters are responsible for providing food, water and a shelter for the cats, while the cats patrol the property and take care of mice and other pests.

Our Barn Cat Program has working cats available *now* and we are very much in need of more working homes.  If you have a barn, warehouse, large property, or other suitable location for a Barn Cat (or know someone that does), please consider adopting a Barn Cat! It’s a natural way to control vermin, and you’ll be saving the life of a cat that otherwise would have no chance.  To learn more, please email: barncat@thevbas.org