Say hello to Cleopatra!

This petite, exotic beauty is a real success story. We thought she might be feral when she first arrived, but she has blossomed into a purring, biscuit-making machine who loves getting pets!

Cleopatra has an extremely short coat, and we think she definitely has some Oriental Shorthair in her. She isn’t a lap cat (yet), and you’ll need to go slow when you first meet her, but give her some treats and she’ll be your friend for life. 🙂

Cleo is *very* food motivated: Open a can and she’ll come right over to investigate! She loves pets and scratches under her chin and will lean into your hand when you pet her. She has definitely figured out that humans are cool!

Cleo can be startled by loud noises or quick movements, so she’d be best in a semi-quiet home, but she is going to be a really great friend to an understanding adopter.

If you fit the bill and you’re looking for a queen for your castle, come meet Cleopatra. You’ll be happy you did! Click on her profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt-cats to complete an application and schedule an appointment.