Stormy the Cat: the Living Dust Bunny!

Stormy is the perfect cat if you’re looking for a living dust bunny!

What do we mean by that? Well, she has arthritis in her back and hips, so she doesn’t move around too much. (She *will* mosey over to sleep in a sunbeam though!) But if you’re looking for a cat that you can feed and brush and let her live on her terms she’s the cat for you. She definitely has a bit of catitude will let you know when she’s had enough attention, but she does like being brushed and having people dote on her.

We think she might be ok with other cats as long as they respect her space, but we do not think she would do well with dogs. Stormy would be best in a low key adult household (she’s not a fan of kids) with an experienced owner who “speaks cat” and is looking for more of an independent cat.

To meet Stormy, check out her profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt-cats to complete an application and schedule an appointment.