Hera and Aries

Hera and Aries are the most adorable mother and son bonded pair. They were adopted from the shelter 7 years ago, but sadly their owner passed away, so they are back with us.

They are the sweetest cats and are very mellow. They like to make new friends and Hera absolutely melts for chin and neck scratches. She turns into a purring, air biscuit making fluffy puddle.

Catnip is also very welcome. She’ll roll around in it and just have a lot of fun. With all of her long fur she will need someone who’s willing to brush her now and then.

When you look to spend time with Aires, you might not find him at first. He likes to sleep under cat beds and blankets. He’s not really shy, that’s just his preference.

Once he knows you’re there to pay attention to him, sleep is done and he is a purr machine who thrives on pets. He does like to play, but that comes after he’s had his fill of pets.

To adopt Hera and Aries, click on their profiles at profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt/adoptable-cats/ to complete an application and schedule an appointment.