Munchie is a total sweetheart who isn’t shy about meeting new people. She thinks catnip is pretty awesome and will play with toys, but getting pets is what she’s all about. Neck scratches are the absolute best.  (Just please leave her tummy alone!)  She likes being picked up and held and will even insist on holding your hand with her paw. So far the only time we’ve heard her meow is when she thinks you need to spend more time with her. Then she will meow and scratch on her kennel door until you come back.

Munchie came to the shelter straining to urinate and very uncomfortable. She was treated for her urinary issue and responded very well to her treatment. We suspect Munchie came from a very stressful home. Since becoming comfortable here at the shelter her urinary issues have cleared up. We feel that Munchie had stress cystitis and would do well in a quiet home with no other animals or kids. Munchie will need to remain on a urinary diet for the rest of her life to help avoid having issues again. A small price to pay for a cat this sweet!

If you have a quiet and low key household Munchie might just be the perfect match for you! To adopt Munchie, click on her profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt/adoptable-cats/ to complete an application and schedule an appointment.