Hi there, my name’s Keroppi. I’m a real sweet and sensitive soul, but I’m also very shy around humans and I’m looking for a special adopter. I *love* being around other cats though, and I get along great with the adult cat in my foster home. If you’re looking for a friend for your cat, I’d love to meet you!

I love being pet on the head, neck and ears, burying my head in your hands. I purr loudly during a kitty spa treatment because I love it so much. I respond well to soft, gentle voices and soothing music, and my foster mom is sure I’ll be a lap kitty and cuddler someday. I’ve changed so much from the super scared cat I was when I first got to the shelter, but I’ll need some time in my new home to settle in and grow my confidence.

I like exploring the house, looking at birds out the window and of course treats! My favorite toy is a mouse on a string and can run fast when I’m chasing it. I’m pretty independent too, I don’t need that much attention during the day. I’m a quiet guy, mellow and chill.

I’m looking for a cat-savvy adopter who understands I need a little time to build up my confidence and trust around people. I’ll be great friends with your cat, and if you’re patient and work with me, I’ll be your best friend too! To learn more and adopt me, reach out to my foster mom at nhui50@gmail.com