Leo and Violet

Leo and Violet are the cutest brother/sister duo. They came in when their owner could not longer keep them due to health issues. Leo and Violet love each other very much and need to be adopted together. They are very affectionate and love love love being pet.

Violet is the talker of the two. She definitely lets you know if she’s ready for pets or if you’ve stopped petting her too soon. Leo is more laid back. He likes to sleep in a box. He’s not shy. He just enjoys boxes. But he definitely enjoys pets more and will show up every time you offer them.

Many times you’ll need both hands free because Leo and Violet will both want pets at the same time. Violet absolutely *loves* to be brushed. Your hand will probably get tired before she’s done.

Leo enjoys being brushed too, and any form of human interaction for that matter! Violet tends to hog the brush for herself. As much as they love treats, they are both bordering on chunky, and shouldn’t be given as many treats as they’d like.

Leo and Violet have lived together as the only animals in the home, so we are not sure how they would do with other cats or dogs. But per Leo and Violet’s old owner, they have been around kids and done very well with them!

To adopt this lovely pair, click on their profiles at https://thevbas.org/adopt/adoptable-cats/ to complete an application and schedule an appointment