Looking for one cat? Tux is your cat! He’s *super* friendly, loves people, and will be your best friend and your one and only…but he has to be your one and only! (He’s not a fan of other dogs or cats.) But that’s ok, he’s got plenty of personality and affection to go around and you’re gonna love him!

Tux is a sweet, spunky, affectionate young man. He loves to be around people. He loves pets and snuggles. He even likes being held. At some point he’ll get wiggly and insist on being put down, but until then he’ll drape himself over your shoulder and just take in the sights.

Tux absolutely loves to play. He’ll entertain himself but if someone is around, he thinks it’s much more fun to play with a friend. When it’s treat or food time he will act like he’s never eaten before in his life and will scarf down whatever is put in front of him.

To adopt Tux, click on his profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt/adoptable-cats/ to complete an application and schedule an appointment.