Grandpa Fiyaro

Grandpa Fiyaro is a senior fellow looking to live out his golden years in a nice, quiet home. He can be super affectionate, he loves being pet, and isn’t particularly shy about meeting new people. But, being an old man of 14 years, there are times when he’d just like to be left alone to take a nap!

Fiyaro was surrendered to the shelter by his owner as they could no longer keep him. The medical team did blood work and found that Fiyaro has very early kidney disease. He is not showing any signs of kidney disease at this time and is just the sweetest boy. Fiyaro will need to remain on a special kidney diet, but that’s a small price to pay for such a sweet cat.

This sweet love bug just loves attention and will make someone a great companion. Grandpa Fiyaro is not a fan of other animals and would love a nice, quiet and low key retirement home to call his very own, but he still has an adventurous side. He would like nothing more than to be let out of his kennel and be allowed to explore the shelter.

Even though he hasn’t been at the shelter for very long, none of the shelter noises seem to phase him. He just takes everything in stride.

To adopt sweet Fiyaro, click on his profile https://phshelter.com/DetailsMain/BURB/A103778 to fill out an application and make an appointment.