Pablo Ruffien

Say hello to Pablo The Great! This delightful boy is a ton of fun, and he was definitely loved by a family before coming to us. He is the pure definition of “food motivated” and will give you a textbook “sit” every time (if treats are offered). He is very smart, so continued training once adopted should be a breeze.

He’s friendly, silly, and very enthusiastic in a very terrier way. He will definitely need focused training and patience from his humans- he’s a chunky boy, so setting boundaries will be to his benefit. Pablo adores people, but is still working on not jumping up so we think kids 12+ would be best because of this.  Larger kids who are dog familiar will have lots of fun playing with with him.

He has a face made for comedy and a heart made for loyalty. Whoever adopts him will be a lucky lucky human. To adopt Pablo, click on his link https://24Petconnect.com/DetailsMain/BURB/A107668 to fill out an application and make an appointment.