Coulson is looking for someone not afraid to be loved, a lot. This sweet guy absolutely loves his people. He spent a bit of time in a home since we’ve met him. He does not like it when he is left alone and will protest when his people go away. A home with a big family where someone is home the majority of the day is ideal as he does suffer from seperation anxiety. Coulson was very interested in cats while he was in a home and largely left them alone after some sniffing. A dog saavy cat may be ok. He does well with other dogs but can play rough. New adopters should expect to invest in some training.

Because of his breed being highly intelligent, high energy, and his seperation anxiety we do not reccomend an apartment. Coulson needs someone who is home much of the time, is able to have someone watch him when they are not around or has a plan for when they have to be gone (doggy daycare, a dog walker/pet sitter, day hikes through a company, daily boarding etc). He may benefit from living in a large family where someone is always home.

Please click on his profile https://24Petconnect.com/DetailsMain/BURB/A105703 to make an appointment and submit an application to meet this loving boy!